Kanye West Is Not Cheating On Kim Kardashian

There has been outrage among Kim Kardashian watchers this week due to reports that husband Kanye West was cheating on her with model Savannah Winters. Celeb Dirty Laundry was one of the sites spreading the rumor.

“Kim Kardashian divorce speculation is heating up after a report that Kanye West might be cheating on his reality star wife. Savannah Winters is reportedly the object of Kanye’s desire and a friend of hers has allegedly spilled the beans on the secret affair.”

It appears that the site Media TakeOut, which started the rumor, deleted their story. In any case, Gossip Cop has put a break to their possibly libelous story.

“Actually, Kardashian has nothing to worry about because, once again, MediaFakeOut is 100 percent wrong. West is not ‘creeping around’ on Kardashian with Savannah Winters or anyone else. Sources close to both West and Kardashian exclusively tell Gossip Cop the claim is both stupid and wrong.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West
Kim Kardashian has dealt with many rumors about her marriage. [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

Kim Kardashian just finished dealing with another rumor before this one came up. Last week, Radar Online claimed that Ms. Kardashian was angry at her sister Kourtney for an alleged Justin Bieber hookup. However, Gossip Cop once again told the truth about the story.

“Kim Kardashian did not rip into her sister Kourtney Kardashian because of the latter’s hookups with Justin Bieber nor is she disgusted by it, despite an entirely fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct these claims. We’re told they are completely false.”

Gossip Cop notes that there is at least one thing true in the story: Kim and Kourtney are sisters. The site has spent a lot of time debunking rumors that Radar Online has started. One of the rumors was that Rob Kardashian still hasn’t met Kim’s new son Saint.

Radar spoke exclusively to a source close to the Kardashians, who said that ‘Rob has still not yet visited his new nephew, Kim’s son Saint. And it is really starting to p*ss her off,'” the tabloid site claimed.

Some of the comments after the article were really mean.

“Who cares if Fatty has seen the baby?” asked Sherry Lee.

“Like the rest of that dysfunctional family he is supposed to drop everything he is doing and run to Kim. Rob remember the shows ratings please,” said Honor.

Once again, Gossip Cop decried the false rumor.

“Rob Kardashian has visited Kim Kardashian and Saint West ‘multiple times,’ despite a report claiming he has not yet met his new nephew. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story.”

Kim Kardashian Snapchat
Kim Kardashian may be joining another social media app. [Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]

It’s quite possible that Kim Kardashian could use Snapchat to clear up rumors about her family. According to the New York Daily News, Ms. Kardashian has hinted that she is joining the app.

“Kim Kardashian’s fans might have a new way of keeping up with the reality superstar. The mother of two appeared in a Snapchat video posted to DJ Khaled’s account on Tuesday, and hinted that she was considering joining the popular messaging app.”

Ms. Kardashian even asked all of her Instagram followers if she should join Snapchat and received a mixed response.

“Nah, this is all too much, next there’ll be a Kim Facebook,” commented Instagram user shanayriaz.

However, a lot of other Instagram commenters wanted Kim to join. It’s possible that joining Snapchat can lead to overexposure for the star. Then again, one has to wonder if the term “overexposure” is even in Kardashian’s vocabulary.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]