Bill O’Reilly Thinks President Obama Is Sincere In Request For Gun Control

Bill O’Reilly began his show on Fox News yesterday by talking about Obama’s executive actions on gun control.

“President Obama is taking his cause to the public that there should be tighter restrictions on who is allowed to buy firearms. Mr. Obama is sincere in his quest for more safety but he is missing the big picture.”

O’Reilly goes on to note that according to the latest FBI stats, a little more than 8,000 people were the victims of firearm murders in 2014. He also cites that there were 118,000 robberies and almost 150,000 aggravated assaults involving guns. Bill O’Reilly believes that since the population of the USA is at 330 million, the numbers don’t show that there is a huge gun-crime epidemic, and the vast majority of the murders are committed by hardcore criminals rather than civilian shooters.

Bill O'Reilly Fox News Bill O’Reilly thinks Obama’s executive actions are sincere, but unconstitutional. [Photo by Desiree Navarro/Getty Images]Even though Bill O’Reilly agrees with reasonable gun laws, he also thinks President Obama is going against the Constitution with his new executive actions.

“Perspective is important and restricting law abiding Americans from acquiring guns is obviously unconstitutional,” O’Reilly continues.

Bill goes on to say that there should be a federal law that mandates a strict prison sentence for anyone using a gun while committing a crime.

“You cannot leave sentencing to local judges if you want to control gun violence on a national level.”

Bill O’Reilly then had a professor named David Goodfriend, who also worked for the Clinton administration, on the show to talk about background checks required for gun purchases.

“They do work [background checks] and there is evidence based on states’ experiences that when background checks are increased, gun deaths go down and when they are decreased, gun deaths go back up. That’s a given!”

Breitbart published an article that made it seem as if O’Reilly was completely siding with Obama on the issue.

“Fox News’s O’Reilly Factor host Bill O’Reilly praised President Obama’s executive actions to expand background checks,” claimed author Awr Hawkins, who possibly misunderstood Bill O’Reilly. Still, the comments after the article were hostile towards the Fox News host.

“He thinks he is so much better than everyone else and because he is successful he thinks he is entitled to tell others how to live… Yes the same traits as a liberal…,” claimed a commenter called “jwcody.”

“Bill is just angling to get another ass kissey interview with Obunghole so he can practice his soft ball pitching technique,” commented Jedimaster Trump.

Some liberals on Twitter seemed to celebrate O’Reilly’s alleged liberal stance on gun control.

Even liberal site Salon got into the action when it came to the new “liberal” Bill O’Reilly.

“Either I’m watching too much Fox News or Bill O’Reilly last night took a relatively moderate stance on gun control,” claimed columnist Brendan Gauthier.

You can expect Bill O’Reilly to discuss the gun control issue many times on his show in the near future. In fact, gun control was the trending topic on Fox News all day Tuesday. What are your opinions about gun control? Do you think President Obama is going against the Constitution with his executive gun control actions? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]