‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Accidentally Takes Flight, Wyatt Swoops In, And Sasha Makes Big Threats

There has been a lot of drama playing out this week on The Bold and the Beautiful, and spoilers share that there is plenty more chaos on the way. Liam is unintentionally on his way to Australia with Ivy, as Steffy waits at home hoping to resolve their latest differences. Liam told her they were over as he rushed to the hospital with Ivy, but Steffy is not ready to give up on their relationship yet. Where are things headed in the January 6 episode?

As She Knows Soaps details, there is more to come on this Liam situation in this next show. He simply intended on ensuring that Ivy was safely on her flight to Australia, but he is now stuck on the plane and this will create a complicated situation for him. This will continue to play out over the next few episodes, it seems.

Previews for the week have shown Liam calling Steffy to tell her he’s on the flight with Ivy, though it looks like she will be left hanging for a bit yet this week, wondering where he is. Steffy has been desperate to get a hold of Liam, anxious to work through their big fight after Ivy’s fall, but so far, he has not responded to any of her calls or texts.

Of course, Quinn has nudged Wyatt to get close to Steffy in the midst of this chaos with Liam. Though Wyatt insists he does not want to see a replay of what happened with either Hope or Ivy, he is with Steffy as she waits to hear from Liam, and he will likely be offering a shoulder to lean on when she learns the news of Liam’s flight mishap.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s show is drama for the Avant family. Julius and the extended family headed to Hawaii for the holidays, but Sasha is not happy that she was excluded. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that she will have quite a bit to say to Julius upon his return.

Though viewers do not know much yet about Sasha’s mother, some details will be revealed as Sasha blasts Julius. Sasha wants to be treated better by her father, and she threatens to expose his relationship with her mother. However, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, it doesn’t sound as if Julius plans to give in to her demands.


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Steffy will be left worrying about Liam and his whereabouts for a bit yet this week. During Thursday’s show she will worry that his lack of communication might signal that their engagement is over, while Friday brings more support from Wyatt as Steffy continues to wait for word from Liam. When she does hear from Liam, as he explains that he is headed to Australia, previews show Steffy becoming furious.

With Ivy’s decision to move back Australia, fans have been wondering if Ashleigh Brewer is leaving the show. Luckily for Ivy fans, it seems this trip will be a short one. According to CBS Soaps in Depth via Soap Shows, Brewer is still on contract with B&B, and it seems she will be returning to Los Angeles soon. There has been buzz that Ashleigh was just set to take a break from the show for a bit, but it doesn’t sound as if she will be off the canvas for too long.

Will Steffy and Liam be able to repair their relationship after all of this? Will Wyatt and Steffy really connect in the wake of the drama in their relationships with Ivy and Liam? What will Ivy do when she does return to Los Angeles? Viewers are quite anxious to see what comes next as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.


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