‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robin And Patrick Share Big News, Jake’s Behavior Raises Concerns, And Jason And Sam Connect

This is a big week on General Hospital, and spoilers indicate that viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action. Robin and Patrick are engaged again, and they have been making big plans regarding their future. In addition, Jake brought Jason and Elizabeth back together briefly, but things remain quite complicated with this family. Where are things headed in the January 6 show?

As viewers saw in Tuesday’s show, Patrick and Robin have decided that they will move away from Port Charles. First, however, GH fans get a big “Scrubs” wedding. General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that on Wednesday’s show, Robin and Patrick share their plans with Emma and Anna.

There will be some mixed emotions from both Anna and Emma over these new plans. General Hospital spoilers tease that Emma has one condition she insists upon with her parents, and it sounds as if she wants them to get married in Port Charles before the family heads off on their adventure. The wedding is set to take place on Thursday’s show.


Ever since Jake’s return, he has demonstrated some concerning behaviors off-and-on. It seems that Elizabeth is ready to get some help for him, as she talks with Franco about her worries. General Hospital spoilers detail that Franco will spend some time with Jake during this next episode.

Franco has had some sparks of concern about Jake already too, and it seems this escalates after hearing more from Elizabeth and spending time with the young boy. Jake does some drawings with Franco, and what he draws seemingly worries Franco.


Sam and Jason’s old penthouse is garnering a bit of attention this week, with a realtor doing an open house there and Paul making an offer. General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will end up at the penthouse as he searches for a new place to live, and he will run into Sam there.

Jason may not remember the penthouse, but GH teasers indicate that he will spend some time there with Sam talking about the memories he does have. Could being back at the penthouse with Sam spark new flashes of his old life? Sam and Jason almost kissed on New Year’s Eve and have been growing closer to one another again, but it’s too soon to know if they have any real shot at reuniting.


General Hospital spoilers note that this episode also brings the first edition of Crimson since Maxie and Nina took over, but there was a major issue at the printer that will leave them in a desperate spot. Will they be able to fix the issue in time for the release? In addition, there will be some tension between Olivia and Alexis related to Alexis’ wedding plans during this show.

She Knows Soaps shares that Jordan and Anna will be working together to figure out the truth about Carlos while Anna learns of Jordan’s relationship with Andre. As the week continues, viewers will see Robin and Patrick’s wedding, and then the departure of the newlyweds with Emma for their big adventure.

This will be the last that GH fans will see of Jason Thompson on the show, as he is now heading over to Young and Restless to take over the role of Billy Abbott. Fans are disappointed to see the family leave, but they are thrilled to see them get a happy ending before they’re gone. Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers as the chaos continues in Port Charles.

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