Get To Know Becca Tilley of ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 With Ben Higgins

This season of The Bachelor 2016 with Ben Higgins just started airing this week, and a lot of fans were shocked to see Becca Tilley and Amber James return. Becca won Ben over and was able to get a rose on the first night so that she can stick around to try to find love. Now everyone wants to know more about Becca, the girl who Chris Soules didn’t pick on his season of the show. Wet Paint shared all about Becca, so that viewers can get to know her better.

Becca Tilley actually lives in L.A. now, but she is from Shreveport, Louisiana. This will be Becca’s second season on the show, and if things don’t work out with Ben, you never know if she might end up on Bachelor In Paradise next. Becca went to school at Louisiana Tech University before moving to L.A.

One big story line about Becca Tilley is that she is a gorgeous girl who happens to still be a virgin. Chris Soules did admit that they never did anything, and Chris Harrison is going to make sure to mention that she is a virgin often so that viewers don’t forget about this detail. Becca has never really had a serious boyfriend, but it does look like she is ready to find love. She did date Dez Duron back in high school, and he was actually on Season 3 of The Voice.

It turns out that Ben Higgins allegedly told Becca Tilley that she shouldn’t join the show with him. It didn’t matter though, because Becca went ahead and joined the show. Ben must be okay with it, because he kept her around after night one, and if spoilers are right, Becca Tilley isn’t going home anytime soon, either. Of course, it is going to be a bit hard for her to get along with the other girls at first because they feel like she has an advantage, but Becca is so sweet it shouldn’t take her long to win them over.

Tilley is very happy about the way that this season went from what she had to say on Twitter. It sounds like she had a fun time and so far she doesn’t have anything negative to say about Ben Higgins.

Becca actually made it to the end of Chris Soules’ season, but then he ended up picking Whitney Bischoff in the end. Things didn’t work out between Chris and Whitney, so he might be second guessing his decision. Star Pulse shared that Chris did have a bit to say about Becca being on the show again. He spoke out to Jimmy Kimmel on his show.

“It’s a little weird. I’m not sure… um… apparently I wasn’t enough. She’s gotta go back for a second round.”

Even though Chris Soules may think it is strange, it doesn’t sound like he went after Becca Tilley after things didn’t work out with Whitney Bischoff. If he did, they were able to keep it out of the news somehow and the two never got serious. Chris has to remember that he is the one who dumped her.

Are you shocked to see that Becca Tilley returned to the show again after getting turned down by Chris Soules? Do you think that Becca will be the one that Ben Higgins picks in the end? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2016 on Monday nights on ABC. This is going to be a great, drama-filled season.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]