Chelsea Handler On Her Grown Up Life, Says She Doesn’t Want Kids But Would Get Married

Chelsea Handler decided to end her run after seven seasons on Chelsea Lately in 2014, and now she is revealing why — she simply needed to grow up and make a change. The comedian said she wanted to feel proud of herself, and what she was doing wasn’t cutting it.

“I was smarter than my show and that didn’t feel interesting to me anymore. I thought, ‘I want to be proud of myself as a person,’ ” Handler told People Magazine about her decision. “I needed to grow up.”

Part of Handler’s “growing up” was finding ways to challenge herself, which is why she decided to launch a four-part docuseries called Chelsea Does on Netflix. According to Netflix, the new series will show Handler as she “delves into four topics that fascinate her: marriage, racism, Silicon Valley, and drugs.”

“My whole reason for doing, like, a documentary on tech is because I don’t know anything about it and it makes me so frustrated I want to throw s*** all the time,” Handler said in a one-minute teaser trailer released earlier this week, which shows her tackling virtual reality, a hoverboard, smartphones, and a robot.

“What I am doing for Netflix is vastly different from what I did on E!, and I am very happy with my work,” Handler told People Magazine in a separate November interview. “I am using my brain and working with great directors and producers. I am not being outrageous. I am going to give viewers a younger, cooler 60 Minutes.

Aside from her new documentary series, Chelsea is also coming to some other realizations including the possibility of someday getting married. Before, Handler said, she didn’t understand why people wanted to get married, but now she admits that it is something that could happen in the future for her.

“I never understood why people would want to get married,” she said. “To me, marriage always encompassed a huge wedding and a huge reception and a commitment lumped together. But I realize now that you can be committed to someone without that commercialization and all that nonsense. So now I’d get married.”

Chelsea dated NBC Broadcasting Chairman Ted Harbert for nearly four years, but the couple decided to end their relationship in 2010. She was later rumored to be dating rapper 50 Cent, but that didn’t seem to work out either. Now, with the amount of bad dates she has been on, Chelsea said she isn’t dating anyone.

“Dating has lost its allure for me,” Handler said in November. “I have had so many bad dates, I can not tell you which one was the worst.”

“I haven’t dated for a year, and I am so happy,” Handler added. “I can not tell you how much fun I am having just doing my own thing. All the men I dated seemed to be the same and none of them have it.”

Even though the 40-year-old comedian and talk show host is open to the idea of marriage, once she finds Mr. Right, she still insists she doesn’t want to have kids, claiming she would be a “helicopter parent,” and would drive her children crazy.

“I’d have to over-correct so much from my parents that I would be a nightmare mother,” Handler said. “If my niece has a bad day at school, I worry about it for three days. I’d be such a helicopter parent. I’d drive my child crazy!”

Chelsea Handler’s new docuseries debuts on Netflix on January 23. Will you be tuning in? Leave your comments below.

[Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP]