“Zombie Summer” Spreads To China: Drunk Man Eats Woman’s Face

Here we have yet another vicious zombie attack, though this time the “virus” seems to have spread to China. A bus driver was detained after jumping on the hood of a woman’s car and attempting to eat her face when she got out of the car. Bath salts weren’t a factor in this one though – this guy was just drunk.

The “zombie summer” continues, with a growing international reach. It all started on Tuesday afternoon, when a bus driver in China decided to take a “long liquid lunch” according to NY Daily. The man, identified by Chinese media as “Dong”, ran into the road near a bus station at around 2:00 p.m. and jumped in front of a woman’s car, according to Shanghai Daily.

He leaped onto the hood of her car and thrust his fist through her windshield, breaking it. The woman, identified as “Du”, left the vehicle in a hurry, but Dong pounced on her. A that point, he began gnawing on her face. Passersby were unable to remove him from Du, and he continued his cannibalistic act until police eventually arrived and were able to put a stop to him, reports the Complex.

Du will have to undergo plastic surgery to repair damage to her nose and lips, reports io9.

The attacker reportedly drank 1.5 jin (750 grams) of baijiu with his friends at lunch. Instead of passing out, he strangely went nuts. He’s sober now, and “filled with regret”. Sorry or not, he is still detained by police for assault and we’re guessing he probably lost his job too.

Photos from the incident