‘RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards Will Never Reconcile With Lisa Rinna Claims Sister Kyle

Following their epic feud during the last season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, things have not gotten better between Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna. With their fighting set to continue in the current season of the reality show, it now seems likely that Kim and Rinna will never reconcile. With that in mind, Kyle Richards recently revealed that Kim will never make amends with her co-star.

In an interview with OK Magazine, Kyle revealed that the situation between Kim and Rinna is so bad that she doesn’t even like talking about it. “They left off in such a bad place last year that it was difficult,” Kyle stated in the interview. “I didn’t even want my sister’s name coming up because of how everything ended. I was like, ‘I don’t want to talk about Kim.’ “

However, the fighting between the two stars has continued through the filming of Season 6. According to Kyle, the two’s constant fighting made some of the scenes in the new season difficult to film.

“It was awkward,” Kyle admitted. “And when we were filming it was uncomfortable too. There are lots of things we want to put to rest and never get to seem to be able to.”

Kim Richards has also been feuding with her sister Kyle. [Image via Bravo] Kim Richards has also been feuding with her sister Kyle. [Image via Bravo]With things still bad between the two stars, what’s the likelihood that Kim and Rinna will be able to make amends in the new season? Based on Kyle’s comments, those chances are slim to none that Kim and Rinna will be able to put aside their differences and act kindly to each other.

“Probably not… They disagree. They don’t get along and they don’t see eye-to-eye.”

Kyle’s recent comments follow reports that Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna were friendly towards each other during a New Year’s party. According to Enstarz, the two co-stars were actually happy to see each other, while Rinna wanted to put their fighting days behind them.

The party was hosted by Kyle to mark the last time the cast members would be together until the reunion special. Considering the reports, was the friendly encounter an indication that Kim and Rinna are ready to lay down their differences in the new season?

“Kyle threw the party since it was going to be the last time the ladies would all be together before the reunion is filmed several months from now,” a insider revealed. “It was the first time in nearly a year that Kim and Lisa Rinna have been in the same room together. Lisa was happy to see Kim because she had been concerned about all of her legal problems lately.”

The insider went on to explain how Kim and Rinna had a quiet conversation together during the party. That being said, the source noted that the two reality stars “will never be close,” and that Rinna just “wanted to put their beef behind them once and for all.”

Despite her sister's problems, Kyle seems to be friendly with Lisa Rinna so far this season. [Image via Bravo] Despite her sister’s problems, Kyle seems to be friendly with Lisa Rinna so far this season. [Image via Bravo]Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is set to feature the return of Kim to the reality series. As fans will recall, Kim’s return to the show was in question following her arrest and subsequent trips to rehab at the end of last season. To commemorate the event, Kim recently took to Twitter and expressed gratitude for fans and the show.

“Wishing you all an Amazing 2016,” Kim wrote. “Health, Love, Peace & Joy!! Let’s make this a VAVOOMSHABANG Year! Much love.. Kim.”

Fans can watch all of the drama unfold between Kim and Lisa as the sixth season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues to air Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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