Minford, Ohio, Mother And Daughter Found Dead Inside Home

A Minford, Ohio, mother and daughter were found dead inside their small town Scioto County home. Police investigators believe that Candy Newsome, 48, and her 16-year-old daughter, Kristina Mykal Newsome, were murdered.

A relative of the Minford, Ohio, mother and daughter found the bodies around 9 a.m. on Monday. The Newsome mobile home was located on Blue Run Road, according to a media release by Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini. The law enforcement official believes Candy Newsome and Kristina Mykal Newsome were murdered about 12 hours before the family member arrived. The victims appeared to have died after being shot with a shotgun, the Examiner reports.

Minford is located in southern Ohio, in the Chillicothe area. Violent crime in the rural southern regions of the state, such as Scioto County, Ross, County, Vinton County, and Jackson County, is extremely rare. A rash of murders of women in Chillicothe over the course of the past year shocked the rural region and prompted a flurry of women to take the required course to get their concealed carry permit. When news broke about the Minford mother and daughter being found dead inside their home, many in the tri-county area voiced worries on Facebook that string of murder in Chillicothe could be spreading.

Both Candy Newsome and her daughter, Kristina Newsome, were shot to death, according to comments made by Sheriff Donini. The Scioto County Sheriff also said that law enforcement investigators believe the teen girl attempted to flee the house to get away from her killer, but her mother’s body was found still in bed.

“We went and got an actual search warrant and the recommendation of the [Scioto] County Prosecutor [Mark Kuhn]. We just want to make sure all of our bases are covered. Therefore we left the residence, went and got the search warrant and we came back with the search warrant,” the Ohio county sheriff told the media.

Only the mother and daughter lived inside the Minford mobile home. Candy Newsome’s husband had left the residence quite some time ago, Spreadit notes. An unidentified neighbor told local reporters that Kristina Newsome attended Minford High School and was an intelligent young woman who was an avid sports fan and a big music lover.

There is currently no known motive or suspect in the Minford double murder. Newsome’s brother, Brian Keith, lives in a trailer located nearby the murder scene. Keith told reporters that he heard “unusual noises” on Sunday night, and that he is now an emotional mess for not having looked into the noise, which he is worried could have been an altercation of home invasion which led to the murders of his sister and niece.

“I should have went over the hill and looked, I wouldn’t care if they shot me or not, I’d have got to them… When you shoot a little kid, that’s pitiful.”

Scioto County Sheriff Donini also had this to say about the investigation into the Minford double murder.

“We are questioning, backtracking to see who was at the house last [Sunday] night. We’re going to interview every one of them. We don’t have anybody that we want to name at this time.”

Sheriff Donini is urging anyone who may have information about the murder of the Minford, Ohio mother and daughter to contact his office at (740) 354-7566 immediately.

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