January 6, 2016
Five Hundred U.S. Military Personnel Witnessed Two Flying Saucer UFOs Near Roswell In 1971

After more than 44 years of silence, a former U.S. serviceman has come forward with a testimony about UFO sightings that involved hundreds of U.S. military personnel near Roswell, New Mexico in 1971.

In a testimony submitted on December 30, 2015, and filed as case number 73443 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the unnamed former serviceman said that while conducting "military maneuvers" in the New Mexico desert, west of Roswell, in July, 1971, he and his unit, consisting of more than 500 soldiers, watched two saucer-shaped UFOs flying "erratically" in the sky for about five hours.

The witness told MUFON -- an organization that documents and investigates reports of UFO sightings worldwide -- that his memories of the incident remain vivid 44 years after it happened and that it will remain "etched in my mind until I pass."

According to the witness, in July, 1971, he was sent with his unit, the US Army Air Defense Unit, stationed at Fort Bliss in Texas, on "military maneuvers in the New Mexico desert." The witness described the military unit as a "Chaparral-Vulcan defense unit... trained to recognize all foreign and domestic aircraft."

A USAF stealth fighter
USAF F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter [Image via Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon II/Wikimedia/Public Domain]
"We were a Vulcan/Chaparral air defense unit. We were trained to recognize all foreign and domestic air craft."
While the unit was conducting military drills in the New Mexico desert before dawn, two UFOs appeared and flew erratically in the sky for five hours.

"The first object was spotted coming from the north and stopped. Another object approached from the west. For the next five hours, the objects made erratic moves remaining in a close area," the witness reported.

The witness described the UFOs are saucer- or disc-shaped, according to Express. He was unable to make an accurate estimation of the size of the UFOs because the altitude of the UFOs was uncertain.

"Not knowing the altitude, the sizes [of the UFOs] were unknown," he said.

The witness, who described his military unit as "trained to recognize all foreign and domestic aircraft flying at that time," said that members of the unit were puzzled about the sighting and debated its nature all day long.

"At daylight we were ordered to a location in the desert for chow (food). The whole unit was discussing the UFOs," he said. "My unit had 500 plus soldiers, we were a vulcan/chaparral air defense unit and were trained to recognize all foreign and domestic aircraft flying at that time. The UFOs remained visible until the sun became too bright."

"This event will remain etched in my mind until I pass. Thanks for allowing me to share this experience," he added.

The witness did not say in his testimony why he remained silent about the sighting for more than four decades before coming forward. There was also no information about other members of his military unit to corroborate his story.

But MUFON said it was investigating the claimed sighting.

Some may recall that a ranch near Roswell, in New Mexico, was the site of the famous alleged UFO crash in 1947. After an official statement that gave the impression that the crashed object was a "flying disk" UFO, military authorities released a new statement that the crashed craft was only a USAF surveillance balloon.

Roswell Daily Record, July 1947
Roswell Daily Record reports the "flying saucer" crash at a ranch near Roswell in July, 1947 [Image via Drew Peacock/Wikimedia/Public Domain]But later in the 1970s, witnesses began coming forward with stories that a "flying disk" had crashed in Roswell, and that the authorities had invented the balloon story to cover-up the truth about what really happened at the ranch near Roswell on July 8, 1947.
Soon, UFOlogists began promoting claims that an alien spacecraft crashed at the site and that military authorities recovered a "flying saucer" that allegedly contained dead aliens and an undisclosed number of survivors. The alien craft and the occupants were reportedly moved to the top-secret USAF Area 51 facility in Nevada, where -- according to UFO and alien conspiracy theorists -- the U.S. government assembled a team of scientists and engineers who worked for decades to reverse-engineer the propulsion technology of the alleged alien spacecraft.

However, the latest testimony is about an incident that purportedly happened in 1971, about 24 years after the original 1947 Roswell incident.

[Image via USAF/Wikimedia/Public Domain]