Toddler Eats Grandma's Pot Cookies, Rushed To Hospital

Dusten Carlson

A 3-year-old boy in Southern California awoke in the hospital over the weekend after accidentally stumbling upon (and eating) one of his grandmother's marijuana-laced cookies.

When I say I love grandma's cookies, this isn't exactly what I have in mind.

The Murrietta Police Department said that the grandmother is fighting cancer and does indeed have a prescription for medical marijuana, which was prescribed to her to help her sleep and ease her pain. notes NY Daily. She baked the THC-laced cookies at some point last week, and stored them away from other foods in the house in a garage refrigerator. Murrieta police were summoned to the family’s house around 10:30 a.m. Saturday, June 30, after the toddler slept for roughly 16 hours and would not wake up.

He was admitted to the hospital for observation and later released. The grandmother said that a small bite was enough to put her to sleep, and no one knows how much the child ate. “No one knows how much he ate,” said Sgt. Phil Gomez. The family believes that the child wandered into the garage from a side door while playing in the back yard. After that, he stumbled onto the cookies in the fridge, and the rest is now history. “It’s just kind of like the perfect storm,” Gomez said.

Aside from the cookie-eating incident, the police investigation seemed to indicate that the child was otherwise well-cared for, notes the Press-Enterprise. “It’s unfortunate that they didn’t take better steps to keep those cookies out of reach of the child,” said Gomez of the incident. The grandmother, who was unidentified, vowed to prevent the incident from happening again. “She claims she’s not going to make them ever again," Gomez said.