Comedian Eddie Griffin Gives Insider Knowledge Into Dr. Huxtable’s Real Life

Griffin has gained insider knowledge of the accused rapist’s private life. Eddie has sat down with Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby, knowing them both. And he has something to tell the public.

Eddie Griffin said that he and Bill hit things off on the set of Meteor Man, a Robert Townsend film from 1993. In an interview with Vlad TV, Eddie Griffin felt that he should let the world know his experience with “Dr. Huxtable” and how things may not always be what they seem to the naked eye.

Eddie Griffin makes a point of reference in his defense. He states, “First off, you have to realize that this was in the 70’s… the 70’s is a different time.” As a reference to this time period, Griffin mentioned that most people amid the celebrity lifestyle “had ‘coke’ spoons around their necklaces.”

Eddie also talked about the “Disco.” According to his personal account, when people would show up, others already had lines of cocaine laid out on the table. “Toot, toot,” Griffin exclaimed. He continued as follows.

“Did he [Cosby] rape these b*****s?? All of them said the same thing. ‘We went to the room.’ Why would you go to the room of a known married man?… you understand me.”

The interviewer also chimed in and said that they were “already down to f**k anyway,” since they followed Bill to his room. And “30 years later,” now the alleged victims are saying that he raped them, says Griffin.

“That’s like a motherf****r robbing me, and I wait 30 years to call the police. ‘I got robbed in 1984, and it was him!’ “

Also, Eddie Griffin adds what he feels is a deeper issue in this case. Griffin says that there’s a “systematic effort” to assassinate “every black male entertainer’s image.” After listing off several names, Eddie states that this “system” doesn’t want any major black entertainers to die with a good name, so they [the “elites”] take part in character defamation campaigns.

It seems that Eddie Griffin has caught heat from feminists, as well as other from the same ethnicity.

As previously reported by theInquisitr, Bill Cosby has sued seven women involved in this defamation case — i.e., the alleged sexual assault charge from 2004. So far, none of the women who have come forth have been able to provide any physical evidence of such a crime.

Likewise, during the interview, Eddie Griffin touched on a similar incident that involved Michael Jackson. Eddie mentioned that one guy told him that he was bribed into taking a photo of his own son while at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, while the son was dressed-down to his underwear. Those who were allegedly framing Michael were going to pay the man a large sum of money to play along, said Eddie.

Nevertheless, on a lighter note, Eddie Griffin says that he learned a lot about the business from Dr. Cosby. Griffin states as follows.

“Bill… ‘Dr. Cosby’… I’m going to call him by his real moniker. Dr. Cosby is a class act. When I was first starting on the Malcolm X show, he called me over to the set of his show [The Cosby Show]. And he said, ‘Yes, I hear you’re a Cancer also?’ I said, ‘Yes, July 15th.’ He said, ‘I want you to sit down and study. Obviously, you’re great, and we all know it. But you’ve got to learn the business, Eddie.’ “

During the interview, Eddie Griffin went on to discuss that he used to go there every week to study. At the end of the rehearsal, Bill would ask Griffin what he noticed about the script or the scene. To this, Eddie answered that he noticed how Bill would take the script and make it his own. He would add his own flavor and style to what was already there. Eddie Griffin stated as follows:

“I said, ‘I noticed you would take the script, put it on its feet, and then bring it to life…but add in your flavor. You don’t just go by the script. You knew the map, but you got there your own way. Because you’re on your feet — and you’re actually interplaying with the other actor — other s**t is going to come out. Like, the small, little nuances you can’t write…a certain look, a hand gesture…s**t like that. And he would smoke his cigar and laugh afterwards and say, ‘Smart, smart. We need more with brains.’ “

What are your thoughts? Do you think Eddie Griffin’s story is true, through and through? You can share your feelings in the comments.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images News, YouTube]