‘Suits’ Season 5 Episode 11 Promo, Spoilers: Did Claire Turn Mike In? [VIDEO]

After a short hiatus, Suits season 5 episode 11 will finally air on January 27. Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross in the USA series, admitted that he felt relieved that his character’s secret would be revealed in season 5B.

In an interview with Backstage, Adams confessed that he sometimes felt “bored” with his character, especially come season 5. The Suits lead pointed out that his secret could have gotten out in the early episodes, perhaps in season 3.

“I’m really happy we’ve been forced to deal with something we were building up to for a long time. I actually felt we could have done it two seasons ago.”

Multiple reports suggest that the million-dollar question, “Who turned Mike in?” will be answered in season 5 episode 11. The midseason finale ended with Adam’s character being arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud, moments after he filed his resignation. Most of the viewers did not saw it coming, especially those rooting for Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle) to finally start their new life together.

Speaking to TV Guide, Suits creator and executive producer Aaron Korsh shared that they have already decided on who the snitch is, which will be revealed in the 11th episode. He, however, admitted that some may not be as surprised when they found out who s/he is.

“I don’t know if everybody will be [surprised by the person’s identity]. But there’s a long list of people who knew and there are certainly plenty of other people who could’ve found out and handed him in even though we’ve never seen them know.”

In the latest promo for Suits season 5 episode 11, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) said that the first thing they need to do is find out who tipped him off. The video then showed the list of possible suspects including Trevor (Tom Lipinsk), Claire (Troian Bellisario) and Father Parker (Scott Michael Campbell).

At the end of the trailer, fans were asked to cast their votes on the USA website on who they think sold Mike out in episode 10. At the time of writing, Claire is leading the poll with 24%, followed by Laura Zane (Megan Gallagher) and Trevor by 16% and 13%, respectively.

Carter Matt, however, pointed out that although any of these characters had the motive, viewers must not discount the fact that the snitch could be a total stranger. He explained that with just a little digging, Mike’s secret could easily be unearthed by almost anyone. The Suits creator himself said that the one who turned him in may be a friend, a foe, a neutral party or perhaps even a complete stranger who has never met him before.

There is no doubt that Suits season 5 episode 11 is bound to be one of the most highly anticipated series premiere this 2016. Fans of the show are also eager to find out what will happen to Mike and Rachel following his arrest.

Suits producer Aaron Korsh hinted that the couple may still go through with the wedding. He, however, pointed out that “they’re certainly not gonna have it in the same form” as they have planned.

Given that Rachel’s own mother Laura may actually be the one who turned Mike in, it’s quite possible that the two will just end up eloping. In episode 10, Laura figured that there is something definitely odd with her daughter’s fiance. Based on the poll mentioned above, many Suits fans believed that she was the one who figured out Mike’s secret.

Patrick J. Adams shared that he felt responsible to help the Suits writers come up with interesting plotlines for the coming episodes in season 5B. Having directed an episode for the USA legal drama before, the actor explained that it helped him understand his character much better.

“It is your responsibility to bring something new to the table, to take the material and lift it up, give the writers ideas if you feel you are waiting for them to bring you something.”

“Suits” season 5 episode 11 titled “Blowback” premieres January 27 on USA. Watch the promo video below:

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]