The Game Speaks On Bill Cosby Charge — And He Has A Lot To Say

Bill Cosby has been charged with sexual assault. However, there are several people who aren’t comfortable with Cosby’s evidence-lacking charges. The Game, an affluential west coast rap artist, has a lot to say about Bill’s situation. Are the courts’ actions right, even in the absence of evidence?

In America, anyone who’s anyone knows the name of Bill Cosby’s character, Dr. Huxtable, from the Bill Cosby Show. As mentioned by The Game, Cosby indirectly helped raise a lot of American children via his show. Through Instagram, The Game mentions as follows.

“I think it’s crazy that Bill Cosby has a mugshot for alleged assaults 11 years ago with no physical evidence or proof besides these women’s accounts of what he did to them an entire decade later…a 70+ year old man who practically raised us all on tv as children.”

Although Cosby has allegations dating back to the late 60s/early 70s, says NBC News, The Game is actually referring to the 2004 sexual assault charge for which Bill is now appearing in court. According to the news source, it’s still applicable due to the 12-year statute of limitations term of the crime. The alleged victim had until January 2016 to file a case against Bill Cosby, or it would have become null and void, as did the others before then.

The thing that’s unsettling for many people is that there’s no physical evidence or proof for Cosby’s alleged sexual crime. Yet, he’s being charged anyway. The Game’s Instagram post continues as follows.

“Darren Wilson, who killed Mike Brown on camera, is FREE. George Zimmerman, who killed Trayvon Martin, is FREE. Timothy Loehman, who killed Tamir Rice seconds after arriving on the scene.. on camera, is FREE. Officers who shot Keith Childress 19 times for holding a cellphone they thought was a gun, are FREE. Officers who arrested Sandra Bland & detained her until her mysterious death, are FREE. All of the officers who shot 50 rounds into Sean Bell’s car, on his wedding day, killing him, are FREE! I could go on all day, but you get the point… & again, y’all put Dr. Huxtable in jail off of word of mouth.”

Afterwards, The Game states that he gets the severity of rape and sexual assault crimes. Likewise, to paraphrase his words, he mentions that he wasn’t trying to downgrade the alleged acts as something insignificant. However, at the same time, he says that charging Bill Cosby for a crime — with no supporting evidence — just isn’t right and possibly doesn’t adhere to the justice system’s protocols and procedures.

“…whether or not he actually did anything, we won’t know because of the lack of evidence or proof & the duration from the point of the alleged assault to now…. Why did it take these women over 10 years to bring this to the light?”

Well, according to Bill Cosby, these particular women set out to assassinate his character and derail a very significant television opportunity. As it turns out, Bill was about to resurface in a comedy show to air on NBC. So, as a counter, Bill Cosby lodged a suit of his own in Massachusetts in December 2015. NBC News states as follows.

“Relying solely on unsubstantiated accusations, Counterclaim Defendants have engaged in a campaign to assassinate Mr. Cosby’s reputation and character by willfully, maliciously, and falsely accusing Mr. Cosby of multi-decade-old purported sexual misconduct. Counterclaim Defendants’ campaign is nothing more than an opportunistic attempt to extract financial gain from him.”

While that’s in play, other celebrities have stated that there’s more to the NBC opportunity. According to a long-time friend and comedian, Eddie Griffin, Dr. Cosby was actually attempting to purchase the NBC network as a whole.

He and Bill worked together on a Robert Townsend movie called Meteor Man. Afterwards, he and Bill Cosby had a lasting friendship, so Griffin became privy to certain insider knowledge. If you’ve never seen the movie, the trailer can be viewed below.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Bill Cosby’s friend said that Dr. Cosby attempted to purchase NBC multiple times and was denied each time because of his ethnicity — and that money was never the issue.

His testimony can be found in a related Inquisitr article, where you can watch the full interview.

What do you think about Bill Cosby’s charges? Feel free to share your feelings in the comments.

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