‘American Horror Story’ Star Matt Bomer On Working With Lady Gaga

Matt Bomer wasn’t crazy about taking on a role in American Horror Story when he first looked at the script. Eventually, the actor resigned himself to taking on the role and he later found a great mentor in co-star Lady Gaga. Now, as the season is about to wrap up with the last two episodes, Bomer speaks fondly of his time with Lady Gaga and even sees something to be proud of in what he’s done on American Horror Story: Hotel.

Matt Bomer Doesn’t Hold Back, When He Gives His Thoughts On American Horror Story: Hotel

It took some time and some thought for Matt to make the decision to join up with a gory, macabre show like American Horror Story. The actor revealed that he picked up and set down the script several times, before he ultimately decided to commit to the horror series. It wasn’t just his own uneasiness with doing horror that made Bomer reconsider doing American Horror Story. Bomer, along with his publicist husband, Simon Halls, has three children to consider. When asked if his children have seen the show, Bomer says he hopes they won’t see it for years to come.

“At a certain age, hopefully 18, they’re going to dip into my work and go, ‘What the [bleep]?’ I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do.”

Speaking of his family and of being a gay actor in Hollywood, Matt says he hopes the stigma is starting to go away. He says he just wants to be thought of as an actor, not a gay actor. At the same time, he realizes how fortunate he has been to have been born at the right time, so he can live as freely as he does and still pursue his acting career.

Lady Gaga Lends Matt Bomer The Benefit Of Her Wisdom

It must have been obvious that Matt was uncomfortable with his American Horror Story role, because Lady Gaga wasted no time in taking him under her wing. The pop singer turned actress was so open and inspiring that Mr. Bomer found his experience working on the Ryan Murphy anthology much more rewarding than he had expected.

“My favorite thing about working with Lady Gaga is really just the sheer level of creativity she brings to the table,” Bomer said of his American Horror Story co-star. “And she’s really one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known. Her intelligence is equaled by her heart.”

Matt also revealed that Gaga gave him advice for making it in Hollywood and he says it was truly inspiring wisdom. Lady Gaga told Bomer that the most important part of making it in Hollywood is having the courage to keep at it. She went on to tell him that much of achieving success is facing adversity head on without allowing the struggles to destroy his dreams.

Depending on how things play out, Donovan (Bomer) and The Countess (Lady Gaga) may not live to see the end of American Horror Story‘s fifth season. When the series left off, Iris and Liz had taken control of Hotel Cortez and had shot up the suite occupied by Countess Elizabeth and her consort. The return of AHS: Hotel, following the short holiday hiatus, will undoubtedly reveal the aftermath of this confrontation. In spite of Elizabeth’s immortality, could Liz and Iris have somehow taken her life, accomplishing what others have failed to do through the generations? Or, if she did survive, what kind of wrath will Lady Gaga’s character unleash on Liz and Iris?

Fans won’t have long to wait to find out. American Horror Story returns with “Battle Royale” on January 6 on FX.

[Featured image by Mike Windle / Getty Images]