Get To Know JoJo Fletcher of 'The Bachelor' 2016 With Ben Higgins

JoJo Fletcher made a huge impression this week on the premiere of The Bachelor 2016 when she showed up wearing a unicorn mask. This was something that Ben Higgins remembered and of course, now fans are wanting to know more about JoJo after just one episode. Bustle shared all about JoJo Fletcher so you can get to know about the girl behind the unicorn mask.

JoJo is a real estate developer from Dallas, Texas. She does love country music and obviously isn't afraid to step out and try new things. Chris Harrison seems to be a fan and had a lot of great things to say about her.
"She is a little spitfire from Dallas — my hometown, so gotta love her. She is a real estate developer and a free spirit, but recently went through a breakup. As strong and bold as she seems on the outside, she is a little gun shy and reluctant, to say the least. Her main thing is letting go, and Ben keeps trying to get her to do so because he likes JoJo. They hit it off immediately and have chemistry. But she's that girl who has the walls up. Also, she had one of the more unique entrances, as she came out wearing a unicorn mask. I think she was making a joke about how guys are always holding out for a unicorn."
So one crazy thing about JoJo Fletcher is that a lot of people will know who her brother is from another show. Her brother Ben Patton was actually on the show Ready For Love. This show was short lived and viewers were able to watch the rest of it online after NBC canceled it. JoJo has also shared that she went shooting with Jake Pavelka, so she has a connection to The Bachelor as well. Jake was actually The Bachelor himself several years ago.
Her ex-boyfriend Chad owns Chad Rookstool Salon in Dallas and is actually watching her dog while she is on the show. It looks like they are totally over each other, but must still be pretty close if he is willing to keep the dog for her. JoJo has to trust him a lot to leave her dog with him and hopefully Ben can be understanding about this past relationship. No word on exactly how long ago they split up.

If you watched Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, he had Ben Higgins on the show and Jimmy's wife helped pick who she thinks will win. She says that JoJo Fletcher is going to be the winner and that Lauren Bushnell will be the runner-up this season. It will be interesting to see if she is right on this one because JoJo is already a favorite early on.

JoJo Fletcher is also very religious and shares Bible quotes often. Ben has said that this is important in a relationship so it does look like they could be a great match. You can check out JoJo Fletcher on her Instagram page and learn a lot about her there. JoJo shares about traveling a lot and it it obvious that she enjoys doing that when she can. She is also sharing a lot about her dog and JoJo seems to have some very close girl friends.

Do you think that JoJo Fletcher could end up being the one for Ben Higgins in the end? Do you think that JoJo would be great as The Bachelorette if she doesn't win over Ben Higgins in the end? Sound off in the comments below and don't miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2016 on Monday nights on ABC.

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