Molly O’Malia: Tyga Defends Himself In Teen Texting Scandal

Molly O’Malia has accused Tyga of sending her inappropriate messages on Instagram. The 14-year-old up-and-coming singing sensation has released an official statement about her online correspondence with the “Stimulated” rapper.

Gloria Allred held a news conference on Monday, January 4, claiming that the article by OK! Magazine made the girl filed a lawsuit against the tabloid because she was “sexualized” in their December 2015 cover story. The report claimed that the teen came between Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship.

But Tyga has since denied the situation. He admitted that although he did reach out to the teen on the photo-sharing app, he only wanted to talk to her because he thought she could sing. According to TMZ, it was Tyga’s team who wanted to him to reach out to the young girl personally so that they could sign her on as a singer.

Tyga should sue that girl if these are the only texts he sent..

— baethoven (@TheTitusTucker) January 5, 2016

Tyga’s manager Anthony Martini told the celebrity gossip site that the 26-year-old rapper reached out Mally O’Malia after he found out that she had great vocal chops, so he wanted to sign her onto his Last Kings Records project, his record label. Tyga insists that their interaction was strictly business, and that no flirtation took on. According to the text messages obtained by TMZ, Molly lies about her age and tells the rapper that she’s 17.

Tyga texts Molly O'Malia [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]The manager says that T-Raww was trying to get her to send him some of her music, but Molly claims she felt “uncomfortable” as time went on. The rep says that the reason why Tyga asks Molly to FaceTime in the conversations is because he wanted to hear her sing and talk business, not to do any funny business with the teen.

Not only did the rapper have to defend himself to the public, but he also had to defend himself to his girlfriend behind closed doors. According to the Hollywood Life, Tyga doesn’t think he did anything wrong in his online interactions with the aspiring singer. He thought that he could jump start Molly’s career and make some money off of it.

“Tyga’s got nothing to hide and he’s been up front with Kylie about this situation from the jump. Tyga only reached out to this girl because she had a huge online presence and thought if that many people like her vocals than there’s got to be something there that he can work with a help further develop.”

Apparently, Tyga’s insiders are on the defensive, as well. According to this source, the rapper was using Instagram to search for raw talent, not to flirt with young impressionable teen girls.

“He was in the mindset that she could be the next best thing. Tyga was thinking dollars – that’s it! He doesn’t think Kylie should have a problem with this at all. After all, Kylie’s always been riding Tyga, telling him to make more money and encouraging him to be a huge player in the rap biz. So, he saw an opportunity and went for it. He was being proactive and trying to find talent like Akon did with Lady Gaga. It was all business on his end and that’s exactly what he told Kylie of this situation.”

If this is all true, then Tyga needs to learn how conduct business on the internet. He should also know that it’s kind of shady for a guy his age to hit up young girls on social media sites. But this isn’t the first time that Tyga has been hit with a sex scandal or cheating scandal.

Tyga [Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for The Clara Lionel Foundation]Last summer, Love B. Scott revealed that Tyga was in a three-year texting relationship with transgender model Mia Isabella. The celebrity gossip blog revealed the lewd texts and nude photos that the two sent each other. Then it was reported that the reason why Tyga and Kylie took a break around his birthday was because he allegedly FaceTimed a stripper. It sounds like Kylie and Tyga need to sort out their issues instead of putting up appearances in light of all of these scandals.

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