Chris Soules Posts Thoughts On Ben Higgins’ ‘Bachelor’ Premiere, Includes Whitney Bischoff In 2015 Tribute

While Chris Soules’ journey on The Bachelor didn’t result in marriage to Whitney Bischoff, that hasn’t put him off the show. On Monday, prior to the premiere of Ben Higgins’ season, Chris posted a tweet in which he said that he’s excited to watch Ben and wished him luck.

Chris also said that he hopes that Ben found love.


As the episode aired, Chris shared his thoughts on what he was watching. Not surprisingly, Chris, a farmer in Iowa, had some things to say about the moments of the show that involved animals. In one tweet, Chris expressed puzzlement at the fact that one contestant’s occupation is listed as “Chicken Enthusiast.” In her introduction video, the chicken enthusiast, Tiara, shared her love of chickens, which is so strong that she kisses her chickens and has her favorite chicken live in her house with her. She confessed that while she has never been away from her chickens for more than a week, she decided that Ben was worth the separation. Her video ended with her wondering what comes first, “the chicken or the Ben.” Unfortunately for chicken lovers, Ben did not give Tiara a rose at the end of the night.


While Tiara didn’t actually bring a chicken with her to the Bachelor mansion, another woman did bring an animal. Maegan, whose occupation was listed as “Cowgirl,” brought her mini horse, Huey, along to the party. Chris joked that a horse at the mansion would have made him feel more at home. Like Tiara, Maegan didn’t make the cut.


Chris Soules actually made a brief appearance on the Season 20 premiere episode of The Bachelor. Along with Sean Lowe and Jason Mesnick, Chris appeared in a scene in which he and the other former Bachelors gave advice to Ben on how to handle the process. Chris joked that Ben should kiss all of the women. On a more serious note, Chris said that when he was the Bachelor, he really tried to compartmentalize his feelings for and experiences with each woman.


As viewers saw on Season 19, which premiered in January 2015, Chris proposed to and got engaged to his final pick on the show, Whitney Bischoff. After the finale episode aired in March, he went on to compete on Dancing with the Stars. While Whitney was in the audience in the beginning, she wasn’t there for Chris’ performances in the later weeks, prompting speculation that they were experiencing relationship troubles. After Chris was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, about two months after his engagement aired, he and Whitney confirmed that they split.

Prior to the end of the year, Chris posted a tweet in which he reflected on the year. He called 2015 “the most incredible year of [his] life” thanks to his friends and family. He attached to the tweet a collage of photos reflecting his experiences over the past year. One photo is of him and Whitney, taken when they were still together. The photo shows Whitney hoisted over Chris’ shoulder.


Clearly, Chris Soules looks back on his time with Whitney fondly despite the romantic relationship not working out. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Chris said in October that he’s great friends with Whitney. When asked about their split, Chris said that it’s not fair to Whitney for him to talk about it without her there with him.

After Ben Higgins’ season premiere episode ended, Whitney actually called into the live after-show, Bachelor Live, to give viewers an update on her life. Whitney said that she’s in a new relationship.

“I am very, very lucky. I’ve met a great man, and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m really looking forward to a great 2016.”

Whitney later tweeted that she had “a very happy ending.”


Last week, Whitney Bischoff posted a photo of herself with a man who may be the one contributing to her happy ending.

"The Bachelor" star Whitney Bischoff [Image via Whitney Bischoff on Instagram][Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]