Free-To-Play ‘Trove’ Updates With A Multiple Cornerstone Option

Multiple Cornerstones come to Trove as the game’s first update of the year. This new option lets Trove players call more than one Cornerstone home, giving players up to four lots to customize. Thankfully, new Cornerstones can be purchased with Credits, the game’s currency bought with real money, or Cubits, earned for playing, making them relatively easy to obtain for any player.

Cornerstones in Trove are personalized lots that can be placed anywhere a Cornerstone signpost is located. What a player builds on their Cornerstone is saved and will be recalled anytime they place their Cornerstone down. Cornerstone lots are found in the Hub and in Adventure Worlds giving players a place to refill their potions or deconstruct items in the Loot Collector.

Trove A blank Cornerstone lot with a starter structure behind it [Image via Trion Worlds]These customized lots in Trove are a perfect way for players to show off their creative chops without being inside a Club World, where most of the game’s building take place. Cornerstones can only be built upon by the owner and they cannot be altered in any way by a player that does not own it. Until today, players were limited to one Cornerstone on their account.

The Multiple Cornerstone update changed this with an option to buy three more Cornerstone options. According to the official website, players can purchase up to three additional Cornerstones for a total of four available to their character in Trove. Simply press F1 to access the Cornerstone menu. All players start with one Cornerstone that can now be renamed. The menu also provides a way for players to clear their Cornerstones. Additionally, players can click the trashcan icon to remove everything from that Cornerstone; items on the Cornerstone will be lost. Three more Cornerstones can now be purchased from the Cornerstone menu for a price that increases with each purchase.

Trove The clear Cornerstone warning box [Image via Trion Worlds]The first additional Cornerstone in Trove costs 750 Credits or 10,000 Cubits. If players choose to purchase this additional Cornerstone with real money, 750 Credits is $5. However, the option to buy them with the in-game currency of Cubits is also there. The second additional Cornerstone is available for 1,250 Credits or 20,000 Cubits. The third and final additional Cornerstone is 1,500 Credits or 30,000 Cubits. Each day, a player in Trove can earn 500 Cubits with Saturday and Sunday offering 1,000 Cubits. Simply questing and completing the game dungeons will fill the Star Bar until the Cubits are rewarded.

This update was also accompanied by a few other changes. Chaos Chests have rerolled with new items and players will receive two Dragon Souls instead of one during their daily Challenge. Not to mention, a new Adventure Box is now dropping retiring the Snowfest box that dropped last week. All of these changes as well as a few other game updates can be found on the official forums.

The Cornerstone lot in Trove is 16 by 16 blocks with a 50 block limit beneath the ground and a 150 block limit in the air. Anything built outside of these parameters will be lost when the Cornerstone is moved. However, anything built within those limits will transfer each and every time players place their Cornerstone. With four Cornerstone options, players will be able to create nearly anything in their personalized space. Visit the Hub to check out several players Cornerstones all in one place.

Of course, there is more to Trove than Cornerstone customization. The free-to-play voxel title recently updated with the game’s 15th class; the Chloromancer. As The Inquisitr reported, the Chloromancer is the first healing class to come to Trove. The flowery hero can heal allies with a simple aim of the staff. The Chloromancer also calls on plants to deal damage or heal friends. When first summoned, a plant will need to grow in order to either deal damage or heal allies. Chloromancer players can aim their staves at the plants and shoot them to make them grow even quicker.

[Image via Trion Worlds]