Bristol Palin’s Ex Fighting For Custody Amid Rumors She Faked Baby’s Birth

Bristol Palin may have the fight of her life on her hands now that Dakota Meyer has decided to fight for custody of her little girl. TMZ shared the news that Bristol’s ex-fiance is admitting that this is his daughter and he wants joint custody with Palin. He wants joint legal and physical custody both and has already filed papers to try and get it. Dakota is also wanting to get child support from Bristol in this deal. The two split three months after she got pregnant.

Palin has never actually revealed who the father of her daughter Sailor is, but not long ago, Dakota Meyer did share that he is the father. Dakota shared a photo of his little girl with the world and confirmed that he is the father. Bristol is still staying quiet about it. Of course, you can assume that Bristol will fight back, but at this time she is not speaking out about her plans.


Radar Online also shared about some other drama that Bristol is dealing with right now. This all comes out at the same time that rumors are flying that Bristol Palin actually faked the birth of her daughter and had her a month before she told the world. Critics spoke out after Bristol posted pictures of Sailor’s birth that it really happened a month ago. People thought that her IV actually showed a date of November 4 and not the December 23 date that she had told everyone that she had the baby.

Bristol went to her Instagram to try and clear it up right this week though, and wants everyone to know that is not the case. She even posted a picture of her bracelet with it.

“For all the people saying I gave birth 11/4/15…here is my IV that was started on 12/22/15 when I was admitted, my baby girl was born 12/23/15 stop trying to create controversy where none exists, desperation is the ugliest thing.”

Not long after Bristol Palin posted this picture trying to clear up all of the controversy, she decided to delete it. Nobody knows what made her decide to take it down, but of course, several people were able to see it before Bristol took it down. More than likely, someone told her that it wasn’t a good idea, but Bristol isn’t sharing why she took it off her page.

This is Bristol’s second child to have while she was unmarried. Bristol and Dakota had plans to get married, but called off the wedding right before it was supposed to happen. They didn’t ever really share what happened, but around the same time, news came out that Dakota Meyer had been married before. It was very shocking to hear that they were not going through with the wedding.

The strange thing is there is really no reason that Bristol Palin would need to fake the date she had her daughter. If people were trying to confirm if Bristol was married or not when she got pregnant, that would make sense, but Bristol never even got married to Dakota. There is just really no reason for her to lie about this fact. Of course, some people just want to find a reason to cause drama.


Are you shocked to hear that Dakota Meyer has decided to fight for custody of Bristol Palin’s little girl? Do you think that Bristol really had Sailor when she told her fans that she did? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Bristol Palin and her new baby girl.

[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]