Janet Jackson Reportedly Undergoing Tests For Throat Cancer, Will She Ever Sing Again?

Janet Jackson, the baby sister of King of Pop Michael Jackson, is reportedly undergoing tests for throat cancer according to several news outlets. Jackson abruptly cancelled an upcoming tour that was set to begin its second leg January 9. Many speculated that Janet’s cancellation was due to poor ticket sales. However, Yahoo News reports that doctors have claimed to have found a tumor on Miss Jackson’s vocal chords, prompting many to be concerned not only for Janet’s health, but future ability to sing.

This was the second postponement of Janet’s tour. In October, Rolling Stone Magazine announced that Jackson was rescheduling dates after physicians told the singer she need to rest her vocal chords.

Jackson’s latest album hadn’t been performing to expectations, but fans were flocking to the live shows, especially considering that Janet hadn’t toured since 2011. According to Forbes, resale values of tickets to Jackson’s Unbreakable World Tour had neared to an average of close to $200 in the pre-sale stage, showing Miss Jackson still had the star power to command an audience.

Singer Janet Jackson prepares to take the stage in Chicago for her Unbreakable tour. Image courtesy of Janet Jackson Official Facebook. Singer Janet Jackson prepares to take the stage in Chicago for her Unbreakable tour. [Image courtesy of Janet Jackson Official Facebook]Critics agreed, calling Janet Jackson’s return to live stage a “must see.” Billboard Magazine critic Eve Barlow discussed the singer’s entertainment ability and continued status as a pop culture icon, “She (Janet Jackson) successfully makes the case for her mark on popular culture not via video montages but by still being able to deliver those shoulder-popping, hip-thrusting, neck-jutting routines…The connection Janet creates between megastar and audience goes way beyond music.”

Singer Janet Jackson poses with cast and crew from 'Unbreakable' rehearsals prior to Hawaii performance. Image courtesy of Janet Jackson official Facebook. Singer Janet Jackson poses with cast and crew from ‘Unbreakable’ rehearsals prior to Hawaii performance. [Image courtesy of Janet Jackson official Facebook]While those who have been lucky to catch Janet on the latest tour are reveling in her performances, other Jackson fans have to be concerned about whether or not they will ever be afforded the opportunity to catch Janet live and on stage again. While Jackson hasn’t divulged any details about her condition, Radar Online broke the story of the tumor and surgery and it may account for why Jackson’s Christmas Eve Facebook post stated Janet “must have surgery soon” and requested prayers for herself and her family during this “difficult time.” Janet Jackson refused to give any further comment on her condition at the time.

If Janet Jackson’s suspected throat tumor is found to be cancerous, most likely Jackson will be facing possible radiation and chemotherapy treatments, which would not only set the singer’s recovery and return to stage back even further but possibly jeopardize her life. Survival rates for throat cancer vary depending on the stage of the disease with a five-year survival rate of 90 to 44 percent, depending on early detection, according to the American Cancer Society.

Even if Janet’s throat is clear of cancer, throat surgery is a terrifying prospect for someone who relies on their voice to make a living. Another famous singer and actress, Julie Andrews, underwent throat surgery in 1997 to remove non-cancerous nodules from her vocal chords. Andrews was an Oscar and Tony award winning actress best known for her singing roles in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, and while she may not be touring like Janet Jackson, Andrews admitted that the surgery left her unable to hit and hold the high notes.

Another singer who could relate to Janet’s struggles to recover from throat surgery would be the young rising star Meghan Trainor. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Trainor suffered a vocal chord hemorrhage that would eventually lead her to surgery and the cancellation of her own tour. According to Billboard Magazine, Trainor was waging her comeback in October as Janet Jackson was starting to experience her own throat issues.

For now, Janet Jackson fans will have to wait until the reclusive singer reveals more details of her plight and hold out the hope that the singer–whose her first name’s not “baby,” it’s “Janet” Miss Jackson if you’re nasty–can make a full recovery.

[Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images.]