'The Haves And Have Nots': Tyler Perry Soap Opera Returns For Season 5 On Oprah's OWN

The long wait for The Haves and Have Nots Season 5 is now over. Tyler Perry's prime time cable drama returns for its third season on Tuesday, January 5, at 9:00 p.m. on Oprah Winfrey's OWN, according to TV Guide.


The premiere episode, titled "The Waters Run Deep," features the characters of Candace and Jeffrey finally confronting Quincy. A fight broke out during the Haves and Have Nots finale last season, and it looks like Jeffrey tragically stabbed and killed Quincy's character. In the aftermath, Candace and Jeffrey have to clean up this deadly mess and in an episode taking place later in the season, the character of Benny assists Candace in hiding evidence.

In the Haves and Have Nots Season 4 finale, television audiences got to witness the Cryers and Harringtons sent to jail for being accomplices in the hit and run "accident" cover-up by the Cryers' son Wyatt. As it turns out, Wyatt is revealed to be the one who ratted both his parents and the Harringtons out to the police. Needless to say, there should be quite a bit of tension and suspense during the Haves and Have Nots Season 5 premier. Another interesting plot point that should be brought up is Candace and her promise to Warlock. The fortune she said he would have has still not fallen into his grasp. It's safe to assume that Warlock will be heading after her, and it won't be pretty.

Things aren't looking to good for Hanna. Although she gained custody of her grandson, Quincy running his car through her house and destroying it has left her with no roof over her head. She had no choice but to take her grandson to a hotel in the finale. The bad news will continue as Hannah is expected to discover something shocking regarding her grandson's health.

In an interview, actor John Schneider goes into a bit more detail on his character and his place in the show.
"Jim is passionately in love with his children. He is their protector, even though he doesn't have the greatest parenting skills. I think at the core of his soul, his intentions are good, though he hasn't shown us that very much. He's also a fierce competitor, and in a good way, that works for a man who was elected judge and who is running for Governor."
With the aftermath of what happened last season, Jim Cryer is going to be pretty much powerless for the first time in his life.

'The Haves and Have Nots': Tyler Perry Show Returns For Season 5 On Oprah's OWN
John Schneider attends the Johnny Cash Limited-Edition Forever Stamp launch at Ryman Auditorium on June 5, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. [Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots soap operas has also been doing well in the ratings, according to Nielsen estimates, specifically in 2015. The show averaged a 1.19 rating in adults between the ages of 18 and 49 and scored a total of 3.71 million viewers overall. That is a 50 percent boost in that particular demographic, shooting up from 0.79 percent and by 18 percent in the total amount of viewers from week to week. The show has run a total of 61 episodes and these are by far the best and highest rating scores the soap has earned. The show's previous plateau in overall viewers was 3.50 million for the spring finale in 2015.

The Haves and the Have Nots ended up being the No. 1 cable show of the night of its Season 4 finale, even though it did end up in a tie with two other shows aimed at different age demographics. Those shows would be ABC's Dancing With the Stars and CBS' NCIS: New Orleans.

The Haves and Have Nots Season 5 premier begins tonight at 9:00 p.m. on OWN.

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