Sneak Peek For True Crime Series ‘Killing Fields’ Coming To Discovery [Video]

Tonight is the premiere of the new show Killing Fields on Discovery, and this is a new true crime show that you do not want to miss. If you are loving the new Netflix show Making a Murderer, then Killing Fields is one that you want to check out for sure. The new preview on YouTube reveals what you can expect from this new show, which says it is a homicide investigation that is actually shot in real time and allows viewers to watch while investigators look over the entire crime.

ET Online shared that Killing Fields is set to be the next true crime show that is a hit. This comes after The Jinx and Making a Murderer did so great with ratings, so it is perfect timing for Discovery to come out with this kind of series. This show will open up a case that is the murder of Louisiana State University graduate student Eugenie Boisfontaine, who was last alive seen in June of 1997. Just two months later, her body was found in a ditch.

Detective Rodie Sanchez actually comes out of retirement for Killing Fields and will join the case. He will do what he can to solve the cold case that haunted him during his career. Young detective Aubrey St. Angelo joins him on the case as well on Killing Fields.

Starcasm shared a few details about the murder of Eugenie Boisfontaine. Her body was found near a bar in the area. Detective Rodie Sanchez kept a picture of her on his desk as a reminder and really wanted to solve this crime. There is a book about this cold case as well called Blood Bath by Susan Mustafa that includes a great synopsis of the case. This book is about Louisiana serial killer Derrick Todd Lee, who has been linked to the murder of five women in Baton Rouge. There is talk that he might have killed several more women as well and could be part of this case. There is no hard evidence linking him to the killing of Boisfontaine, but there is a lot of speculation that he could be involved. He was working in the area where her killing happened.

The preview for Killing Fields shows a man out in the swamp area where this case took place. Detective Sanchez called this area “a dump zone for all murders.” The man in the preview describes it is very remote and says that he believes like there are a lot more bodies out there and that a body could lay out there for months.

Killing Fields is six episodes long and gives fans a look at this cold case. They will use modern forensic science in Killing Fields to see if they can now solve a crime that couldn’t be done years ago. If Killing Fields turns out to be a huge hit, they could return with another season with a new crime or even continue on with this crime if they do not find a way to solve it by the end of the show.

Do you plan to watch Killing Fields on Discovery on Tuesday nights? If you enjoyed the show Making a Murderer, then this show is perfect for you and one that you are going to want to check out right away. New episodes will air each week on Tuesday night at 10/9 Central. Sound off in the comments on your plans about watching this new series Killing Fields.

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