Faraday Future Unveils Powerful All-Electric 1,000-HP ‘FFZERO1’ Concept Supercar That’s Built On Scalable Platform

Faraday Future unveiled its first supercar, which surpasses its competitors, like Tesla. The powerful 1,000-HP FFZero1 supercar is a concept right now, but it has been built on a scalable platform, which will allow a range of models to be built in the near future.

Faraday Future, a California-based startup that went public just last summer, unveiled its first ever concept vehicle at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Called the FFZERO1, the powerful supercar is a ridiculously high-performance vehicle that’s entirely powered by electricity. The power is supplied by a battery-array that’s mounted underneath the chassis, which the company has confirmed is scalable. This means that though the drive-train is currently powering a supercar, hopefully in the near future, it will power a range of vehicle types like sedans, minivans, and such other mundane types.

In its current iteration, Faraday Future’s FFZero1 is a single-seat electric supercar. According to the Daily Mail, the car looks like a Corvette crossed with the Batmobile. Interestingly, it behaves in a very similar, futuristic manner, as well. The company may have built the supercar in a test facility, but has already commissioned a plant in Nevada that’s expected to cost a whopping $1 billion when completely finished. Production at the equally high-tech facility could start as early as next year.

The FFZero1 may just be a concept, but it is quite important not just for Faraday Future, but for the future of all Electric Vehicles, commonly referred to as EVs. The car may not end the reign of traditional internal combustion or gasoline-powered cars anytime soon, but the concept is a powerful indicator of things to come. Moreover, the folks from Faraday Future added that the company isn’t just about making a fast car for rich people.

Though the uber-rich would be the company’s first customers, the company intends to make a mass-market EV. With very few competitors like Tesla, Faraday Future has displayed an even shorter patience with the current pace of the EV market. Though car buyers are receptive about EVs, the sales haven’t picked up. According to PCWorld, even the top-selling Nissan Leaf has a minute slice of the overall car market.

Interestingly, Faraday Future has a lot in common with Tesla. While Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, poured in his personal wealth to build the company, another billionaire has built Faraday Future. While there have been speculations about the true owners of the company, with some suggesting Apple Inc. Fortune suggests that the true owners of the secretive company might be a Chinese company called LeTV, one of the largest film production and distribution companies in China.

Interestingly, Faraday Future was started barely 18 months ago and in that short span of time, the company has managed to churn out a supercar, albeit as a concept. It did, however, manage the feat with help of several high-profile employees the company had reportedly poached from Tesla and other automotive companies.

Faraday Future Unveils Powerful All-Electric 1,000-HP 'FFZero1' Concept Supercar That's Scalable
(Photo by Faraday Future)

The supercar features a single driver’s seat that titled at an angle of 45 degrees for optimum seating position. The driver will have to wear a helmet that will deliver oxygen and water. The 1,000 horsepower is cumulative. All of its four wheels are independently powered by high-performance electric motors. The car features “aero tunnels” that help pull air over the batteries and improve the aerodynamics. As expected, Faraday Future chose carbon fiber, one of the lightest, but toughest materials, that F1 racecars are built from. The “lightweight composite construction” combined with extremely low height, allow the car to achieve insane speeds of 200 mph. With the 1,000 horsepower, the FFZero1 can, theoretically, accelerate to 60 mph in under three seconds. The semi-circular steering wheel has a smartphone-like heads-up display, and the driver will be assisted by a slender band of digital readouts along the windshield line.

Faraday Future Unveils Powerful All-Electric 1,000-HP 'FFZero1' Concept Supercar That's Scalable
(Photo by Faraday Future)

Despite the futuristic and space-age additions, what truly matters is the fact that Faraday Future devised what it calls Variable Platform Architecture to make it easier to build more kinds of cars on the same basic underpinnings, reported Fox News. Using the same, the company can rapidly tweak battery and motor configuration, vehicle size, and even drive-train type, to churn out commuter vehicles, as well.

[Photo by Faraday Future]