Apple iPhone 7 With Wireless EarPods? Upcoming iOS Phone’s Specs Also Include 256 GB Storage & Larger Battery?

The latest news on the grapevine about the Apple iPhone 7 specs revealed that it won’t be equipped with the traditional headphone jack anymore. Veering away from the industry standard TRRS 3.5 headphone jack, the upcoming iOS smartphone will reportedly use wireless technology for the headset.

According to a report from TechnoBuffalo, the iPhone 7 from Apple might come with free wireless EarPods, instead of the headset supplied for the current and previous iPhone models. EarPods is Apple’s own brand name for its iPhone earphones.

Moreover, the report, which cited the Chinese website Anzhou, explained that removing the 3.5mm headphone jack will make Apple iPhone 7, as well as the rumored iPhone 7 Plus, much thinner.

In addition to the wireless EarPods as a replacement for the 3.5mm headset, Apple Insider also noted that customers can rely on Lightning as a wired option for the audio output of the iPhone 7, citing rumors from WeiFeng. “The hybrid solution could offer users a choice between “wired” and “wireless” audio output profiles depending on the situation, for example talking on the phone or listening to music,” the publication noted.

For the unaware, headphones that use Lightning connectors are now being sold on the market. However, they are not widely available, and they come with a hefty price tag. For instance, International Business Times provided two models for Lightning headphones, namely the Philips’ Fidelio M2L and the upcoming Harman’s JBL Reflect Aware. The former, a first-class over-ear headphone set, is worth $299, while the latter will be available in stores for $159 and provides noise cancellation functionality.

But as noted on TechnoBuffalo, if the Apple iPhone 7 will really have this rumored change, it is most likely that supply and demand for Apple earphones with Lightning connectors might increase, and it might arrive with a more budget-friendly value.

iPhone 7 Predecessor
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

According to MacRumors, the specs for the Apple iPhone 7 audio output was initially reported by Mac Otakara back in November, although there was no validating evidence provided. The report, which cited a reliable source, also said that the Lightning connector will be equipped with digital-to-audio converter, or DAC, to allow backwards compatibility.

It is also worth noting that the original Apple iPhone was offered with a wireless Bluetooth headset device. However, it was only an accessory — an expensive one — which only enabled the Apple iPhone users to make hands-free calls and could not really be functional as an auxiliary for the standard headphone.

Meanwhile, alongside iPhone 7 is a larger variant also rumored to be unveiled by Apple later this 2016. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus will reportedly get a bigger battery, particularly one with 3100mAh capacity.

Also, the bigger Apple iPhone 7 might also have 256GB of storage, according to MyDrivers, another Chinese website, as cited by Australia News Network. The report also mentioned the rumors that the Apple iPhone 7 might be waterproof.

As for the Apple iPhone 7 release date, nothing official has been revealed yet. However, based on the traditional release schedule of the Apple iPhone maker for its new flagship devices, rumors are pointing out to a September 2016 debut for the highly-talked about iOS smartphone.

In addition to the feasible release date, Information Week further added that design-wise, the home button might be removed by Apple to create a bigger room for the iPhone 7’s display size that has an “an edge-to-edge screen.” Wireless charging for the iPhone 7 is also a possibility.

Since Apple has not made any official statements yet regarding these rumored specs and release date for the iPhone 7, tech enthusiasts are all advised to take the unofficial details that emerged with a grain of salt.