Jana Duggar Being Considered For New TLC Show Alongside Jinger Duggar

Jana Duggar could be getting her own show on the TLC network alongside her sister Jinger Duggar. The two women were featured several times during the three-part special, Jill & Jessa: Counting On, which aired in December on the network. The series addressed the scandals uncovered about the Duggar family in 2015. Fans have been crying out for the Duggars to be put back on television, and now their demands may be answered.

Critics often referred to Jana Duggar as “Cinderella” because many people believe she is the housekeeper and nanny of the family. She has yet to have a courtship, and her two younger sisters have already gotten married and had children. The TLC special Jill & Jessa: Counting On put a spotlight on the eldest female Duggar child, and fans ate it up. According to Starpulse, there is talk of Jana Duggar and Jinger Duggar starring in their own reality show. It would be based on the premise of finding love while living in a strict and religious home. Duggar mentioned that the last several months of trials have resulted in her having trust issues. Josh Duggar really did a number on his sisters, and it looks like Jana is bearing the brunt of it alone. Many have wondered what she does in her daily life, and a new show would give Jana Duggar the opportunity to show people.

TLC has not yet extended an offer to Jana Duggar or Jinger Duggar, but the planning behind the scenes is definitely happening. Duggar fans are emailing the network to try and get them to pick up more specials or a new show entirely. Jill & Jessa: Counting On garnered decent ratings, especially since the family has been off the air for several months. Some of the fans are extremists, but many of them just want to continue to follow the family as they all begin their new lives. Many fans put forth a lot of time to watch the Duggar family grow up, and yanking them off the air because of Josh Duggar was not something that sat well with the majority.

The Duggar family is being torn apart because of Josh Duggar. Jana Duggar revealed that she has trust issues now, which has caused speculation about whether or not she will ever get married. Cousin Amy Duggar King is now speaking out about what a “fraud” her cousin is, according to People. A big mess has been made, and Jana Duggar has been left to keep her feelings and thoughts to herself. Jinger Duggar is close to her sister Jana, but she was much closer to Jessa Duggar Seewald. In fact, when the special was airing, it was Jinger who was shopping with Jessa. The Duggar girls have been the ones who were the most affected by what Josh Duggar did, other than his wife, Anna Duggar. As the special aired, fans were able to see just how everyone felt about what happened.

While Jana Duggar may be able to move forward, there is still no denying the lasting effects the last year will have on her. She spoke eloquently, but she also was very frank. It had some fans wondering whether or not the Duggars are allowed to freely talk about what happened with Josh Duggar or whether it is swept under the rug like his molestation scandal was in the beginning. Jana Duggar would make a good fit for the new concept TLC is developing for a show. Together with Jinger Duggar, the sisters could truly change how young women view dating in a religious setting. Jana Duggar is a strong woman, and with her guidance, her siblings will be able to walk through life with support and love.

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