Heather Rich, Randy Wood: 'Shadow Of Doubt' Possibly Tells Story Of Oklahoma Cheerleader, Shot 9 Times And Dumped In Texas River On Investigation Discovery

Heather Rich was a 16-year-old cheerleader from Waurika, Oklahoma, who was shot and thrown from a bridge in Texas 20 years ago. Judging by the information provided on Investigation Discovery, it appears that her case will be the feature story for their newest true crime television series Shadow of Doubt.

Investigation Discovery's Shadow of Doubt is produced by Stephen David Entertainment and will present a series of horrific stories that have occurred throughout the U.S. #IDaddicts will listen as the sad story is told through the eyes of police officials and others who will give commentary on Heather Rich's story. Wednesday's episode, entitled "Monsters Among Friends," tells the story of how an honor student and cheerleader was brutally shot and killed by high school friends. For her death, 17-year-old Randy Wood, 17-year-old Josh Bagwell, and 19-year-old Curtis Gambill were all sent to prison for life, according to the Texas Monthly's article "A Bend in the River."


Investigation Discovery's Shadow of Doubt will show viewers how the senseless death of Heather Rich shocked the small town of Waurika, Oklahoma, as one of their own was killed in the middle of the night after sneaking out of her home to have a bit of fun with friends. The night Heather disappeared, she had just had an argument with her mother because the teen's behavior had been out of control in the days and weeks prior to her death. Her mother, Gail, last remembered seeing her daughter heading off to bed after kissing her father goodnight. Sadly, since Heather was angry at her mother, she passed right by her without saying good night. That was the last time Gail Rich saw her daughter alive.

What happened later that night is every parent's nightmare. Heather made plans to meet up with ex-boyfriend Randy Wood, a popular football player and homecoming king for the local high school, and his friends Josh Bagwell, the town's rich boy, and Curtis Gambill, a known bad boy with a history of violence, Shadow of Doubt will show.

All Heather had planned to do was drink, party, and ride the back country roads that night with her friends. Unexpectedly, the night took a deadly turn after Heather Rich became so intoxicated that she passed out. According to Randy Wood's confession, the former Waurika High School cheerleader was killed because Curtis Gambill feared that she would blame him for raping her.


The investigation revealed that after Heather came to, she went ballistic when she thought she'd been sexually violated, sending Curtis Gambill into a panic. With her barely conscious, they put her in the back of the truck and sped off into the night across the Texas border, where they found a bridge where Curtis Gambill's grandmother had taken him fishing as a child. It was there that Heather was shot nine times and dumped into the Belknap Creek, near Red River.

Heather Rich's mother always knew that Randy Wood and Josh Bagwell had something to do with her death. Despite the tragedy, her parents didn't hold a grudge against Randy Wood. It seemed that he was the only one who told the whole truth about what happened. Eventually, Wood asked to meet Heather's parents. They met with him on live television, where they tearfully accepted his apology. Heather Rich's father, Lloyd Duane Rich, died in 2014, and her mother died Gail Yvonne Fulton, formerly Gail Rich, in 2015. It's a sad ending to a very emotional tale.

In 2002, Josh Bagwell and Curtis Gambill escaped from prison, prompting a 10-day manhunt that resulted in their capture. Bagwell's mother, Twana Cherese Smith, was accused of helping them plot the escape, according to NewsOk. As for Randy Wood, he says he still thinks about Heather Rich and says that her murder still haunts him until this day.

To see all the twists and turns in this case, don't forget to tune in for Shadow of Doubt on Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Investigation Discovery. Last week, Investigation Discovery launched another new show entitled Forbidden: Dying For Love.

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