‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Could Nicole Be Pregnant With Daniel’s Baby?

Days of Our Lives viewers watched in horror as it was announced that Dr. Daniel Jonas was dead after suffering a fatal brain injury during a car accident on New Year’s Eve. Daniel leaves behind his mother, two children, and his fiance, Nicole Walker.

Days of Our Lives fans have seen Nicole Walker go through some extremely tough times. She’s lost men she’s loved, she’s had to deal with the death of her unborn children, and now she’s losing Daniel because her ex-fiance, Eric Brady, decided to drive drunk.

After dealing with the grief of Daniel’s death, isn’t Nicole entitled to a little bit of happiness that won’t be taken away from her? That’s why some fans are hoping that Nicole could be pregnant with Daniel’s baby and learn about the blessing after she tragically has to bury her fiance.

Days of Our Lives: Nicole Walker pregnant after Daniel Jonas' death?
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Days of Our Lives watchers know how bad Nicole Walker has longed to be a mother and have a child of her own. She’s lost two pregnancies in the past and even faked a pregnancy in order to steal Sami Brady and EJ DiMera’s daughter, Sidney, only to have Sidney later ripped away from her. Lately, Nicole has been playing stepmom to Daniel’s young son, Parker, whose mother is Chloe Lane. Now that Dan’s gone, fans likely won’t be seeing much of Parker, and neither will Nicole.

Nicole needs something to live for other than just her work. She’s wanted to be a mother for so long that it could be an interesting storyline if the writers decide to allow her to actually have a child of her own. She’ll be a single mother, but with her tough personality and strong will, she’ll be able to make it just fine if that’s the direction her character goes.

Meanwhile, the happiness level in Salem is seriously lacking. It seems that nothing good is happening to anyone on Days of Our Lives. Hope is still mourning the death of Bo, Lucas is mourning the death of Will, Belle and Shawn are getting divorced, Steve and Kayla seem happy but are actually being played by Ava, Brady is in the hospital, John and Marlena’s children are all suffering in one way or another, and everyone is just living under a black cloud.

The one bright spot coming is that upon finding out that he is the father of Abigail’s baby boy, Thomas, Chad will regain his memory and remember his love for Abby. However, knowing that he’s been brainwashed by brother Andre DiMera, Chad and Abby will devise a plan to take on his evil family and take them down, hopefully for good.

'Days of Our Lives' stars Shawn Christian and Ari Zucker
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By next week, Chad will even be proposing to Abigail, but it was recently announced that actress Kate Mansi is leaving Days of Our Lives and the role of Abigail Deveraux, so fans are worried that the couple known as “Chabby” may be short lived.

Unless Kate Mansi’s character is recast, there could be a lack of super couples on Days of Our Lives now that Bo Brady is dead leaving behind wife Hope and EJ DiMera and Sami Brady are no longer on the show.

Days of Our Lives fans are definitely worried about the casting decisions as Greg Vaughan, who plays Eric Brady, is also leaving in the near future. Will the show be able to recover from all the doom and gloom of the past few months and re-emerge with some happier storylines for the remaining characters?

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Nicole being pregnant with Daniel’s baby on Days of Our Lives?

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