Did Charlie Hunnam Turn Down Returning As Jax Teller For The 'Sons Of Anarchy' Prequel

While Kurt Sutter is currently working on a Sons of Anarchy prequel, Charlie Hunnam has yet to get on board with the new project. While fans wait to find out if Hunnam will be a part of the prequel, is it possible that the Sons of Anarchy star turned down the offer to reprise his part a Jax Teller?

Although Sutter and Hunnam ended things on good terms, they did not always see to eye while working together on Sons of Anarchy. In an interview with Men's Journal, Hunnam described how he had expected his character on the hit biker drama to live through the series finale instead of being killed off.

"Kurt and I had a conversation in the beginning of the final season," Hunnam shared in the interview. "He [Sutter] was thinking that Jax would probably live through it and I was sort of with him."

Despite wanting his character to live through the end of the series, Hunnam admitted that it would have been worse to let Jax live. After everything his character went through over the course of the entire series, including the death of his wife, Hunnam stated that it was better to have Jax die than to see the character have to live with his decisions.

Charlie Hunnam and 'Sons of Anarchy' creator Kurt Sutter. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
Charlie Hunnam and 'Sons of Anarchy' creator Kurt Sutter. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]While Sutter and Hunnam eventually agreed on how to end Jax's story on the show, the two still had their differences. Hunnam even went so far to reveal that he and Sutter almost came to blows on set.

"Kurt and I never blasted each other in the face, but I'll say it got close," he stated. "There has been security rushing onto set and pulling us apart before."

Is this one reason why Hunnam has yet to accept a part in Sutter's planned prequel? At this point, Hunnam has yet to announce why he has not committed to being a part of the prequel. Furthermore, Sutter may not even have a part for Hunnam. According to Deadline, the Sons of Anarchy prequel will focus more on the early days of the biker club and not on the characters in the original series.

"At some point I do have plans to hopefully do the prequel, which I do see as a one-off 10- or 12-episode thing where we begin in Nam and see John Teller and Piney and see how that relationship got created," Sutter explained. "And bring them back to the States and the obvious external dynamics that were going on with the country and the perception of the war and what an odd kind of perception these vets got when they returned home."

Charlie Hunnam's 'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur' was just pushed back until February 2017. [Image via Guy Ritchie Instagram]
Charlie Hunnam's 'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur' was just pushed back until February 2017. [Image via Guy Ritchie/Instagram]In regards to the prequel centering on Jax's father, Realty Today is reporting that producers are working hard to get Brad Pitt to play the part of John Teller. That being said, the World War Z star has not commented on taking part in Sutter's new series.

Meanwhile, Sutter went on to explain how his new series would not dwell on anything that took place on Sons of Anarchy. Sutter even went so far to reveal that the prequel would end long before the events in Sons of Anarchy began, leaving fans wondering which former Sons stars would be reprising their roles in the new series.

Whether or not Hunnam will be a part of the Sons of Anarchy prequel is still up in the air. Hunnam is currently coming off his newest big screen project, The Lost City of Z. With his schedule freeing up a little more, perhaps he will find the time to join Sutter again in the hit biker drama.

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