Did 'KUWTK' Kris Jennner Offer Rob Kardashian A Million Dollars To Go To Rehab?

Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kris Jenner can't seem to stop managing her children. It is alleged that Jenner has offered her fragile son $1 million to go to rehab and clean up his act now that he has been diagnosed with diabetes. In the last year, Kardashian has put on over 100 pounds and has been reclusive. His family knows that he is in desperate need of help, but he seems to be resistant.

According to the Inquisitr, Rob Kardashian is having trouble grasping what it means to have diabetes. He is living on junk food and Red Bull and lives a reclusive life at his sister Khloe's house. Kardashian is sedentary, and according to sources, just sits around and eats. Kardashian needs someone to get him back to better physical and mental health.

Radar Online is reporting that Kris Jenner has offered Rob Kardashian $1 million dollars to go to some form of rehab.

"She thinks that one way to get through to him might be by using money," an insider claimed.

Sources are saying that sadly, Jenner thinks Rob in rehab would make a great story arc on KUWTK.

"Kris looks at Rob's health crisis as a potential storyline for the show," the insider said. "She wants him to let cameras inside of his struggle because she believes that his downward spiral would make for great ratings!"

And it seems that like most things Kardashian, there are strings attached.

"But there is a catch," said the source. "She told him that in order to get the money, he must check in to treatment when the show is on hiatus."

The Mirror agrees that there is an offer on the table for Rob Kardashian to get $1 million if he gets his act together. The family is concerned that since his diabetes diagnosis, Kardashian has become even more reclusive. But Kris Jenner believes there is an upside to Kardashian's struggle.

"She wants him to let cameras inside of his struggle because she believes that his downward spiral would make for great ratings!"

But many fans think that Kardashian could use an actual mother rather than a momager.

Hollywood Life is saying that Kris Jenner is not the only one with skewed priorities. Rob Kardashian's sisters have been teasing him about his appearance on KUWTK.

"He covered it with a life-sized Barbie doll of Rita that has now turned into a Cabbage Patch Doll," Kim laughed. "Have you seen it lately? It was like a Barbie doll and he's gained weight and it's now like a huge Cabbage Patch Kid. Huge!"

But truly, the family does have some concerns about Rob's health.

"Kim really is worried about Rob but anything she has done hasn't been to start a feud, it has been to help her brother. She just wants him to be OK."
Rob Kardashian is having additional complications involving his kidneys and pancreas. If Kardashian does not start adhering to a strict regimen, then he might end up on insulin and be at risk for several other medical issues. It also seems unlikely that Rob Kardashian will take his mother up on her offer if it means that he once again has to be on the family show.

Do you think that Rob Kardashian will take his diabetes diagnosis seriously and get help?

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