'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Leaving After Season 5 To Join 'Supernatural'?

When it comes to one of Arrow's biggest stars, Stephen Amell has a history of crossing over into other notable shows on The CW. Apart from his role on Arrow, the actor has appeared several times on The Flash and is set to have a cameo in the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow. But is it possible that Amell will decide to leave Arrow for a part in The CW's Supernatural?

For starters, Amell does have a way into the hit series in a future episode. According to Cinema Blend, an episode in Season 11 of Supernatural will feature a wrestling storyline. While details about the episode are slim, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will be investigating an unnatural incident involving three professional wrestlers.

Fans are well aware that Amell has a love for professional wrestling. This past year, Amell participated in WWE's SummerSlam and has had an ongoing rivalry with Stardust. Amell actually ended up winning his debut fight in the WWE and even took home a Slammy Award for the bout. With that in mind, his previous experience sets him up well for one of the wrestling roles in Supernatural.

The cast of 'Supernatural.' [Image via The CW]
The cast of 'Supernatural.' [Image via The CW]

In regards to the wrestling parts in Supernatural, TV Line is reporting that there will be three characters featured in the series. This includes one Gunnar Lawless, who is a wrestling veteran struggling with his past choices. Added into the mix are Rio, a manager in the business who is dealing with the strange deaths of her former clients, and Shawn Harley. Harley is a rookie wrestler who has trouble managing his temper.

While producers have yet to announce anything, it would be great to see Amell take on the role of Harley. After all, his fighting experience would make it easy for him to play the part of a young and upcoming wrestler.

Even more, the series could get Stardust to play the part of the veteran wrestler, Gunnar Lawless. Amell and Stardust already have some chemistry in the ring which should transfer to the hit television series with relative ease.

If producers of Supernatural do decide to bring Amell on board, then The CW would be gaining even more collaboration between its shows. Furthermore, both shows would also benefit from sharing fans by including Amell in a future episode. Although both series are going strong, it would not hurt to see Amell team up with Padalecki and Ackles on the small screen.

Stephen Amell at the '2015 WWE Summer Slam.' [Image via WWE]
Stephen Amell at the '2015 WWE Summer Slam.' [Image via WWE]

To add even more evidence that Stephen Amell might be taking a role in Supernatural, the actor recently shared a photo on Twitter that hinted of his love for the series. In the image, which was released at the end of December, Amell appears with his back to the camera watching an episode of Supernatural.

Interestingly, Amell's social media post arrived shortly after the announcement that Supernatural will include a wrestling themed episode in season 11. While the timing could be coincidental, it is intriguing that Amell chose to post the image when he did. Was the actor hinting that he will soon be making an appearance in the series?

At this time, neither Amell nor producers of Supernatural have officially commented on the matter. The series is set to return after its winter break in January of 2016, whereas the wrestling episode's release date has yet to be announced.

Whether or not Amell will decide to leave Arrow after Season 5 to join Supernatural is another matter entirely. Until more information is released, fans can only hope that Amell's potential part in Supernatural won't cause him to leave Arrow anytime soon.

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[Image via The CW]