PETA continues Sea Kitten campaign, targets Phish

The recently reunited band Phish are the latest targets of PETA’s ridiculous Sea Kittens campaign.

Like those targeted before it, PETA wants Phish to change its name to Sea Kittens to highlight the plight of fish, which they claim are smart and sensitive animals worthy of care and protection.

The fun fact from this current outbreak of stupidity is that PETA was forced to admit its current success rate for the campaign….which is 0%. No official word from Phish yet, although if PETA can’t convert a band that proudly boasts that they are modern day hippies, they’ve got a high hope in hell with anyone else.

To be fair to PETA though, I am sympathetic to their cause. Fish should be treated with dignity and respect in the same way that chicken should, because as many have already discovered, a hormone free, free range chicken is far tastier than one that has been stuck in a cage.