'General Hospital' Wedding: Patrick and Robin Are Getting Married, Drake Family Departure Leaves Fans Sad

Get your hankies out because it is going to be one emotional ride this week on General Hospital. The Drake family is about to leave Port Charles, but first, an impromptu wedding is about to take place. The couple known as "Scrubs" is getting married!

Patrick and Robin have found their way back to each other after a long haul, and fans couldn't be more thrilled about it. However, it will prove to be bittersweet for viewers as they know that after the wedding, this couple will soon be departing, and they are taking their daughter Emma with them, as well.

The official General Hospital Twitter account posted a sneak peek of the upcoming nuptials of this power soap couple, and it looks like it will be prove to be a tearjerker for everyone. Scrubs has found their way back after Robin was held captive by Helena Cassadine and Patrick had eventually started a new life without her in it. It has been a rough time for the two soulmates, but they are now ready to be a family once again.

The wedding takes place in their home, with their family and close friends witnessing their "I do's." According to Soap Opera Network, no one knows that Patrick and Robin are getting hitched. The unsuspecting guests think that they are invited over for a small get-together. What a surprise it will be when they all find out that a wedding is about to take place.

As seen in the General Hospital clip, Anna looks like she is pretty happy that her daughter is back safe and sound and she is ready to have her only child have her happily ever after with the love of her life. You can also see Carly, Sonny, Maxie, Elizabeth, Felicia, and Mac, who will be officiating the ceremony.

Anna will be saying goodbye to Robin.(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Anna will be saying goodbye to her daughter. [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Let's not forget about little Emma Drake. She is a big part of this story. This scene is her dream come true to have her parents back together again and to once again become a family. She has been through a lot with losing two women that were supposed to become her stepmom. She loved both Sabrina and Sam, but those relationships didn't work out for her daddy. But now that she has her mom back, that is even better than having a stepmom. You can hear Emma in the clip saying, "This time, it's forever."

That is the good news. The sad news is that General Hospital fans won't be able to enjoy seeing the Drake family together again onscreen living their happy lives because the threesome will be heading out of Port Charles. Patrick, Robin, and Emma are seen arm-in-arm leaving their house as Patrick says, "Let's go." They have huge smiles on their faces as they go off together to start their new life.

You can't help but smile and cry at the same time. For longtime fans of General Hospital who have watched the love story between Patrick and Robin bloom, and watched the birth of baby Emma and her growing into a beautiful young lady, it can be a rough ride to see them go.

Jason Thompson is off to his role as Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless, while Kimberly McCullough will be continuing on with her successful directing career. Also, talented young actress Brooklyn Silzer has landed a gig on the new show coming up this spring, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, as reported by Soap Happenings. Even though it looks like it is only for one episode, this may just be the start of a great career for this young lady.

It will certainly be an emotional week for General Hospital fans to lose such a beloved family such as the Drakes. McCullough has been with the soap off and on since she was about Brooklyn's age, and Thompson has played the role of Patrick Drake for a decade now. They will be sorely missed! And Brooklyn lit up the room with her superb acting, and especially her special father-daughter relationship with her onscreen dad.

So, grab your tissues, Scrubs fans, because it looks like you are going to need it.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]