Get To Know Erin Willett of ‘The Biggest Loser’ 2016

Tonight on The Biggest Loser, viewers got to meet the two reality stars that make up a team. They are the only team that did not know each other already before the show started. Every other team on the show are related, best friends, or knew each other in some way before this show. This team is made up of Erin Willett of The Voice and also Richard Hatch of Survivor. People shared all about Erin Willett and what she had to say about her weight loss journey and even her battle with bulimia. She came in fifth on her season of The Voice and admits that things were hard on her after that all ended for her. In college, she studied marketing. Erin was on Team Blake on the show and did a great job, but didn’t end up being the big winner. She is hoping to change that on The Biggest Loser.

Erin Willett spoke out about how things were for her after her time on The Voice. Things were rougher than people realized by watching her on the series.

“I went through a lot of changes all at the same time. I struggled with a little bit of depression and bulimia and trying to figure out how to love myself. I just couldn’t do it.”

Erin Willett does admit that she had to deal with some cyber bullying while on The Voice. Erin shared that it was hard for her.

“I was 22 years old and just seeing the world for the first time, really. And people are mean sometimes. Especially when they’re hiding behind a computer. For every 10 amazing tweets and comments, there would be that one that I would just focus on.”

She shared that there was a lot of it that she didn’t let bother her. Erin didn’t mind if people called her stupid because she knows that she is smart. The comments about Willet’s weight were what got to her though. She also battled with bulimia and kept it quiet until recently when she shared with her mom and her boyfriend. It does sound like deciding to be on The Biggest Loser is a great step for her and Erin shared her thoughts on it.

“I’ve fallen apart. Now, I’m here to rebuild myself in a more genuine way, a deeper way, a stronger way that will outlast the comments that don’t matter. I want to build a stronger relationship with myself. I’m ready to make a change. I am young, and I don’t want the things that I’m struggling with now to carry on into my adult life. I want to have a fulfilling, happy, great life. I just need to get out of my own way. And I’m ready to do that.”

Erin Willett’s website shared a bit more information about her, including updates on her music. Erin is from Gaithersburg, Maryland but now lives in Brooklyn, New York. Erin started her musical career while studying Marketing and Music at Hofstra University. Erin does have an album on iTunes now and she even has new music coming out this year. Her song Out of the Darkness will be coming out on January 25. Erin Willett did live in LA for a short time working on her music career, but is now back in New York.

Do you think that Erin Willett could end up winning The Biggest Loser this season? With Richard Hatch on her team, these two are going to be very competitive and it will be interesting to watch it all go down. Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes on Monday nights on NBC.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]