Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Not Interested In Greg Hardy

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett held a season-ending press conference today, and his disinterest in Greg Hardy has led to quite a number of speculations, according to ESPN.

Much has been made about Greg Hardy from the moment that the Dallas Cowboys announced that they were taking a risk by signing the troubled defensive end to a one year contract.

Whispers around the NFL stated that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones cares more about winning than anything else because he was willing to sign players with a perceived low character.

Jerry Jones was hoping that the Dallas Cowboys could make a return to the Super Bowl; he rolled the dice and hoped that Greg Hardy would be a disruptive defensive force again.

When Greg Hardy started generating headlines for all of the wrong reasons during the season, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett had to defend him through the media and promised change.

After having a private conversation with Jerry Jones, Greg Hardy wised up a bit. The 27-year-old Tennessee native kept his mouth shut and focused on his actions on the football field.

The NFL regular season is over, and Greg Hardy had a good but not great year. Hardy collected a respectable 35 tackles, six sacks and an interception that was returned for nine yards.

Jason Garrett
Jason Garrett [Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images]

Since there is still a fear that Greg Hardy might not be able to keep himself under control next season, the Dallas Cowboys are having second thoughts about bringing him back again.

During the season-ending press conferences, NFL coaches are generally a bit more talkative, as they know that they will not be doing as many interviews from now until the start of next season.

When asked about Greg Hardy and his performance during the season, Jason Garrett did not have much to say. In fact, Garrett was able to fit all of his opinions into just one sentence.

“I thought Greg [Hardy] did some good things for us on the field, defended the run well at times, impacted the quarterback at different times during the game.”

In contrast, Jason Garrett had quite a bit to say about Darren McFadden, the veteran running that replaced DeMarco Murray. McFadden sounds like someone that will be back again.

Greg Hardy becomes a free agent in March, which means that Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones will have a couple of weeks to decide if they want to keep the defensive end around.

One of the things that will complicate the situation for Greg Hardy is the fact that Demarcus Lawrence has surprisingly blossomed as a pass rusher during his second season in the NFL.

Demarcus Lawrence
Demarcus Lawrence [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

To make room for Greg Hardy, Demarcus Lawrence had to switch from right defensive end to left defensive end. Jason Garrett will want to see what he can do at his natural position.

Randy Gregory is also on the Dallas Cowboys roster, and if he can show enough improvement over the spring and summer, then Jason Garrett might give one of the starting spots.

There are also talks that the Dallas Cowboys could be looking for a defensive end in the upcoming NFL Draft. Pass rushing is an area that the team definitely wants to improve upon.

Greg Hardy has publicly stated that he would love to come back to the Dallas Cowboys for at least another season, but the interest might not be mutual if other options show up.

If the Dallas Cowboys don’t give Greg Hardy another chance, he might not be able to convince other NFL general managers to do the same thing. Most would rather not take the risk.

Greg Hardy might be out of the NFL again.

[Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images]