Get To Know Lace Morris of 'The Bachelor' 2016 With Ben Higgins

Mandy Robinson

Tonight, on the new season of The Bachelor, one girl is catching everyone's eye, but it isn't all positive. Lace Morris has everyone talking about the amount of alcohol she decided to drink on night one, and some fans are already ready for Lace to go home. One of the girls even called Lace "50 shades of crazy." Wet Paint shared all about Lace Morris, so that you can get to know this crazy gal who will end up on Bachelor In Paradise if she doesn't find a way to win Ben's heart. Lace is one name that you are not going to forget after the first night of the season.

Lace also has a Pinterest account. Based on her pins, Lace is into working out and has pinned a lot of things about fitness on her page. She has also pinned a lot about detoxing and healthy smoothies, and it would seem Lace does take care of her body. She also showed that she is into looking great with pins about nails and hair on her page. Lace also seems to use her Pinterest for holiday planning, as she has pins for every occasion.

While Lace was filming the show, she had her social networks deactivated; but, since her return, she has all her accounts up and running again. Lace Morris is going to be the girl that everyone is talking about this season and it won't be because she is a fan favorite. Maybe Lace will find a way to grow on people, though. Based on the first night and first impressions, Lace is not a fan favorite, but there are a few other women who were a bit more crazy. At least Lace didn't show up with a rose on her head or a unicorn mask on her face, so she does have that going for her.

What do you think of Lace Morris on The Bachelor 2016? Do you think things will get better once they show Lace with a little less alcohol in her system? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss The Bachelor in 2016 on Monday nights on ABC. Everyone hopes that Ben Higgins finds love in the end, but who knows if it will be with Lace.

[Image via Instagram]