‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers About Carol, Morgan, And Negan’s Victim

Warning: Spoilers about The Walking Dead TV series and comic books are ahead.

Walking Dead fans have plenty of lives to fear for when the show returns on February 14. Daryl Dixon and his group definitely didn’t have the upper hand when viewers last saw them facing off with Negan’s men, pregnant Maggie was stuck on a platform surrounded by walkers, Glenn looked like he was contemplating risking his life to save his wife, Denise got kidnapped by a Wolf, and Sam risked getting his entire family killed, as well as that of Rick Grimes, when he suddenly turned into Stewie from Family Guy by saying “Mom” over and over again.

The last time fans of The Walking Dead saw Carol Peletier, she was one of the few characters who wasn’t in immediate danger – she had sustained a head injury, but there were no walkers, Wolves, or Saviors trying to kill her. The Spoiling Dead Fans confirms that Carol will survive the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, but Melissa McBride’s beloved character is going to run into some big trouble in a future episode.

Carol and Morgan’s fight over a Wolf’s life ended very badly during The Walking Dead midseason finale. The two survivors have very different philosophies when it comes to dealing with dangerous enemies during the zombie apocalypse, so most Walking Dead fans would assume that they’d be better off spending as little time together as possible. However, it’s been confirmed that viewers will get to see more of Carol and Morgan’s oil-and-water interactions during the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. If Carol doesn’t make Morgan start to rethink his whole “all life is precious” mantra, she might just lose her life.

The Walking Dead: Morgan And Carol
Carol and Morgan face off while arguing about the fate of the Wolf (Image via Gene Page/AMC)

On Sunday, the Spoiling Dead Fans shared a description of a Walking Dead finale scene involving Morgan, Carol, and an unidentified armed man.

“There was a scene filmed that involved Carol, Morgan, and a couple of unknown characters. One mystery male character points his gun at someone,” the description reads. “It’s unclear if this man actually shoots the gun or not. Morgan is also involved in this scene. He was seen circling over someone (possibly Carol). He has a conversation with the man with the gun and then leans over the person on the ground. This was a well blocked off scene so it’s not completely clear what was happening. Witnesses did see Carol pop up at some point. Carol looked a little roughed up. The right side of her face looked either very dirty or bruised. It’s believed that she may have been kneeling or laying on the ground.”

Perhaps Morgan will be forced to make a tough choice that will have a huge effect on the way fans of The Walking Dead feel about his character: Will he kill someone to save Carol’s life, or will he let her die simply to avoid getting blood on his hands?

Luckily for fans of Carol, the creator of The Walking Dead will likely fight to keep her alive as long as possible. Last year at New York Comic Con, Robert Kirkman revealed that he doesn’t want TV Carol to go the way of her comic book counterpart.

“The Carol that’s in the comic was my attempt to show just how broken an individual can become from the zombie apocalypse,” Kirkman said, according to Vulture. “The Carol in the show, which is a much better character let’s be honest, actually is made stronger by all the more horrible things that happen to her in the show. Killing her would definitely not… we can’t do that.”

Even though fans of The Walking Dead have good reason to be worried about Carol and Morgan, at least the duo wasn’t filming scenes with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan. In the comic books, poor Glenn meets his grisly end when Negan randomly chooses a member of Rick Grimes’ group to kill with his beloved Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire. Many Walking Dead fans believe that the powers-that-be will switch things up for the TV series, and there’s been some speculation that Morgan, Abraham, or Daryl will fill in for Glenn when stealer-of-stuff Negan makes his long-awaited debut. According to Cleveland.com, footage from the Walking Dead finale has already leaked that shows Jeffrey Dean Morgan using Lucille to bash out the brains of an unknown character, so someone isn’t going to survive Season 6.

If Morgan and Carol spend most of the Season 6 finale dealing with their own assailants, this means that they won’t be in the lineup of characters that Negan plays a deadly game of “Eenie Meenie Miney Mo” with. This is bad news for the Glenn, Abraham, and Daryl fans who had hoped that Morgan would be the “precious” life that Negan takes in the finale.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 14, 2016. You can check out the latest Season 6 promo below.

[Image via Gene Page/AMC]