'Downton Abbey' Final Season Spoilers — Executive Producer Gareth Neame Breaks Down The Season 6 Premiere

With Downton Abbey heading into its sixth season, fans can expect the series to feature plenty of drama in its final season. Along with facing the sell out of neighbors, the Season 6 premiere featured Carson (Jim Carter) managing his relationship expectations with Mrs. Hughes (Phyliss Logan). At the same time, police dropped the charges against Bates (Brendan Coyle) and Anna (Joanne Froggatt) in Mr. Green's murder. What else is ahead for the characters of Downton Abbey?

While the season started off on a good note, there may be some difficult days ahead for the Crawley family. For starters, International Business Times is reporting that more cutbacks may be on the way for the staff of Downton. Although two maids were already let go, there is some real concern regarding the future of the house and how long it can last.

Mr. Bates and Anna may finally be found innocent in Mr. Green's murder. [Image via PBS]
Mr. Bates and Anna may finally be found innocent in Mr. Green's murder. [Image via PBS]With two maids being let go, it didn't take long for other staff members to get in on the gossip. This does not bode well for Barrow (Rob James-Collier), who thinks he may be the next staff member to get cut.

Speaking of cutbacks, other housing are facing similar economic downturn. Along with Mr. Mason selling his house and land, Mr. Henderson told Robert (Hugh Bonneville) that he may be the next one to sell because he can longer afford the upkeep of his house. Is this an indication that the end is near for Robert and his estate?

Although it isn't clear if Robert will be able turn things around for Downton, executive producer Gareth Neame recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and discussed some of the storylines in the final season. In particular, Neame revealed that the auction scene was included in order to show how the seriousness the situation for Robert and his family.

"… we put that auction story in there so that Robert and Cora [Elizabeth McGovern] would absolutely see first hand the risk that is facing them. This is somebody they've known, Robert's known all his life — this chap who lives a few miles away and he's lost everything," Neame stated in the interview. "It's a very stark reminder to Robert that the stakes are very serious."

Aside from the future of the estate, Neame also discussed various relationships on Downton Abbey. In regards to the marriage of Carson and Mrs. Hughes (relive the proposal below), Neame admitted that their relationship was not originally part of his plans. In fact, he revealed that their romance developed naturally as the show's main storyline progressed.

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson have yet to set a date for their wedding on 'Downton Abbey.' [Image via PBS]
Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson have yet to set a date for their wedding on 'Downton Abbey.' [Image via PBS]"It just moved further and further, and we finally got them together. Mrs. Hughes is now having doubts because she has to face up to the realities of getting into an intimate, personal relationship with somebody and they're both well into their sixties," Neame stated. "I think that storyline, the way it's written and the way it's acted, defines an awful lot about what Downton means."

Meanwhile, Neame also discussed the complicated circumstances surrounding Anna and Bates' relationship. In particular, he revealed that fans can expect smoother days ahead for the couple, who haven't exactly had the easiest of times in past seasons.

"They are a relationship right at the heart of the show…" he shared. "The sort of things they've had to go through would destroy a lot of marriages, but they've got stronger and stronger and stayed there for each other. What you've now started to see is that very slowly in this last season the endless roadblocks will start to go and we will start to see their lives come right."

Fans can continue to watch to drama unfold as the sixth season of Downton Abbey continues Sunday nights on PBS.

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