‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ivy’s Staircase Tumble Causes Fresh Drama And Chaos, Relationship Shifts On The Way?

Fans are ready for some drama with Monday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers indicate that, as many would expect, much of the focus in this show will be on Ivy, Steffy, and Liam, given Ivy’s fall down the staircase. What is set to happen in this January 4 episode?

As viewers saw last week, Steffy couldn’t resist confronting Ivy one more time just as Ivy was preparing to head to Australia. Liam had begged Steffy to leave it alone, but she simply could not help herself. As the two women argued, Ivy ended up tripping and falling down the stairs. Just as Steffy screamed out Ivy’s name, Liam rushed into the mansion.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via She Knows Soaps indicate that Steffy will rush to try to explain exactly what happened that led to Ivy’s fall. Liam will call for help, and he tells Steffy not to touch Ivy, who seems to initially be unconscious. Steffy will try to explain herself not just to Liam but to others as well as word of this latest accident spreads.

According to Soap Central, as this plays out, Liam will voice frustrations that Steffy does not seem to value his opinion. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Ivy will be rushed to the hospital, but she will not stay long. Although her doctors want her to stay put for a bit, Ivy is said to check herself out of the hospital during Tuesday’s show and move forward with her plan to head to Australia.

Also ahead on Monday’s episode, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Quinn and Wyatt will talk about the Ivy situation. As viewers know, Quinn did not want her son with Ivy anyway, so she is going to be quick to encourage Wyatt to consider options for romance that she finds more suitable. Quinn has had her eye on seeing Steffy and Wyatt together, and it seems she is ready to nudge Wyatt in that direction.

As the week continues, there will be a new level of chaos related to the Liam, Ivy, and Steffy situation. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Liam will accompany Ivy to the airport and onto the plane as she is dealing with some dizziness and fainting. He will buy her an extra ticket so she has some space to herself, and while he is seemingly away from her seat on the plane to get a cold washcloth for Ivy, the plane pushes back from the gate.

Liam will fly with Ivy to Australia, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers have teased that he will manage to make a quick call to Steffy to tell her the news. Understandably, Steffy will not be pleased that her fiance is heading abroad with his ex-wife, and it sounds as if Quinn will urge Wyatt to step in to comfort Steffy.

While Wyatt proposed to Ivy just a few days ago, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he will be feeling drawn to Steffy this week, and there will be some kind of confrontation between the two. It is also known that there will be some close moments between them this week. While Liam and Steffy may not split quite yet, many believe it is just a matter of time at this point.

This week will also bring more drama related to the Avant family as they return to town, and Sasha is set on shaking things up. Zende and Nicole face new relationship challenges, and Katie, Bill, and Brooke face some difficulties later this week as well.

Will Liam return to Los Angeles still engaged to Steffy, or is this relationship about to implode? Will Wyatt scoop up Steffy in the wake of all of this, or will Quinn’s plan fall apart? Tune in to see just how it all plays out this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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