‘General Hospital’ Actress Kimberly McCullough Shares Shocking News Of Surprise Pregnancy And Heartbreaking Loss Of Baby Girl

It has been great having General Hospital actress Kimberly McCullough back in her role as Robin Scorpio Drake, even if it is only temporary. Many longtime fans remember her as a small little girl, Anna and Robert Scorpio’s daughter, who captured hearts everywhere. She is now all grown up and dealing with some major heartbreak and disappointment in her life. The soap star and director just recently revealed news of a surprise pregnancy and the heartbreaking loss of her baby girl.

Writing on her personal blog on Sunday, McCullough sent out a wrap up of her life in 2015. It may have come as a complete shock to her fans when she revealed that she found out that she was expecting a baby last summer. You can sense how excited she was to learn that she was carrying a baby girl. This was during her time as a director on Pretty Little Liars. Everything seemed to be going great for her.

Kimberly McCullough suffered a tragic miscarriage. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Kimberly described the day she found out she was carrying a daughter as “probably the best day of my life thus far.” She said that she was fulfilled and felt like she “had it all.” Unfortunately, things unraveled for her.

The General Hospital star mentioned that her dog, Melba, had passed away right after she found out that she was expecting. But then she decided to adopt another pooch, Jack. All seemed to be well until the unexpected happened when she was 22 weeks along in her pregnancy. Kimberly McCullough then told the heartbreaking news as she wrote on her blog.

“My heart was so full and then it broke. I had lost my baby girl.”

She posted a cute photo, as well, of her baby bump. This was obviously during happier times, when she was carrying her daughter. She wrote down her feelings after her loss that it was too much at that time to process and that she is still in the healing process of it, but Kimberly told her fans that she relishes that time that she had.

The 37-year-old got plenty of support from her General Hospital family that she has been a part of for most of her life. Her TV mom, Finola Hughes, is always there for her, along with Jason Thompson, her on-screen husband and good friend. The soap actor is leaving the show very soon to head to his new gig on The Young and the Restless. McCullough is back for a short stint as a closure for their perfect love story.

Brooklyn Rae Silzer, who plays Emma Drake on General Hospital, will also be leaving along with her soap family. It will be a bittersweet moment when all three Drakes leave Port Charles. McCullough called her TV daughter “the most precious soul on the planet.” Those two have a very close relationship off-screen, as well.

Of course, there is nothing written in stone that any of them can’t come back to their longtime roles once in a while. Jason Thompson said recently in an interview for On Air On Soaps that both Kimberly and Brooklyn could come back to General Hospital for a short time to reprise their roles every now and then if they chose to. As for him, it would probably depend on how well this new gig goes for him.

Kimberly McCullough is looking forward to a brand new year. She said that she is truly grateful, despite all that has recently happened in her life this past year. She said that she loved her ten years with Jason as Robin and Patrick Drake on General Hospital, calling it “an important and at times, fun story.”

Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson will exit GH. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

In addition to losing her dog and having a late miscarriage, Kimberly also revealed that the doctors found a cyst in her brain. They told her that it wasn’t cancer, but it is called an arachnoid cyst. She at least has a sense of humor about it. Once she saw the scan, she explained that it looked just like a certain male part. It was shared on her blog, as well.

It sounds like Kimberly McCullough has had quite a difficult year in 2015. She is looking forward to a brand new year continuing her job as a producer and actress, and also ushering Jason Thompson off of General Hospital.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]