The New Episode Of ‘The Royals’ Unveils New Details [Spoiler]

The new episode of The Royals exposed the true evil behind the monarchy, and it’s not the likely suspect. As the season goes on, the line between who can be trusted and who is well, homicidal is becoming clearer. The King is dead, the heir is dead, and the body count continues. What happened in the past to put the monarchy at risk.

According to the Inquisitr, season 2 started with the monarchy turned on its head. Prince Liam, the rightful heir is taken out of the line of succession by a falsified paternity test, but why? The list of who Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor can trust seems to be shrinking, and at the top of the list are their mother and uncle Cyrus, the new king. But why would Queen Helena do this to her own children? As the season progresses, the face of the villains are becoming clearer.

E! Online is revealing the OMG moments of the recent episode of The Royals, and the relevance of the domino insignia. E!’s top scripted series (other than KUWTK) is finally shining the spotlight on the true bad guys, and what is behind their evil. King Cyrus is losing it on Queen Helena.

“You tell the truth or you won’t live to see another lying, cheating day!” Cyrus shouts. While Helena struggles, he continues his attack until The Grand Duchess, Helena’s mother, saunters into the bedroom to break up the fight. She knocks him out by breaking a vase over his head and then says, “People are sleeping for god’s sakes!”

And perhaps the biggest revelation on the latest episode of The Royals, the Grand Duchess turns out to be the criminal mastermind with some serious blood on her hands.

It’s time to tell us the truth,” Liam says, before they accuse her of killing Simon’s love to take the throne. Helena adamantly defends herself, but her kids are not buying it. Amongst all the chaos and shouting comes the most stunning revelation of all. “I did it!” the Grand Duchess announces from the doorway. “And you two spoiled brats should thank me for it!”

Bustle revealed that Prudence has returned (remember, she was King Simon’s favorite), and what position she will play in the coming episodes of The Royals. But sadly, it seems that Violet won’t be King Cyrus’ number one maid for long. And the King has reached the end of his rope with the Grand Duchess too.

“Congratulations. You killed the wrong maid, bitch.”

In the next episode, many paternity questions will be answered, and all roads just might lead back to King Simon. But back to the dominoes, or actually Domino, King Simon’s true love. Fans also found out tonight what, or who killed her, and it is not who was expected to have taken her out of the running to be the future queen.

Entertainment Weekly is discussing the future, or end of the monarchy, and how the movement will be ramped up by Prince Liam.

By the end of the current episode of The Royals, Prince Liam is being pro-active, and taking to social media to start a movement, and repent for his family and monarchy’s evil past. He begins working with Domino’s niece to tell the world exactly what he is thinking. And Princess Eleanor starts doing some investigating of her own, with some surprising results about who she can actually trust within the palace walls.

Are you watching this season of The Royals? Who is your favorite character?

[Photo courtesy of E!]