Windows 8 Upgrade Will Only Cost $40 During Promotional Period

James Johnson

The days when Microsoft could sell a Windows OS upgrade for hundreds of dollars are over. The company an Monday announced via the Windows Team Blog that the Microsoft Windows 8 upgrade will only cost $40 when purchased and downloaded online and just $70 when a physical copy of the company's software is ordered.

The upgrade will be available to Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. Windows 8 will arrive in 131 markets through that price structure. Microsoft will then provide Windows Media Center as a free option after the upgrade has been completed.

Anyone looking to upgrade at those prices will be able to do so via where an "Upgrade Assistant" will walk them through the payment process, downloading of the software and ultimately the installation process. Microsoft will also run a full compatibility report before Windows 8 is installed, thus ensuring no hardware issues need to be addressed before Windows 8 is activated.

For users looking to take advantage of the purchase but install the program later Microsoft is offering an "Install later" option in which a user can create their own DVD or a bootable USB thumb drive for the program. Microsoft is also offering a backup DVD by mail for $15. Users can also buy a fully packaged version of the program during the promotional period and have it mailed before the end of January 2013.

Microsoft Windows 8 will be released in October which should give potential buyers plenty of time to read final reviews and head over to their local computer store to give the Microsoft Windows 8 platform a try before they decide to buy.