Teresa Giudice Seen Out To Yoga: What About House Arrest?

Now that Teresa Giudice is out of prison, she is being spotted everywhere. The crazy thing about this is that Teresa is supposed to be on house arrest, and that doesn’t seem to be the case. Radar Online just shared photos of Teresa out with her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga heading to yoga. On December 30, Teresa was spotted leaving yoga with a pink mat in her hand and a smile on her face. Melissa was pictured leaving as well.

So why is Teresa not at home on house arrest? It turns out she is allowed to leave the house for things that are approved. You would assume this would mean court dates, maybe visiting her parents, but it looks like yoga was approved as well, because Teresa Giudice is going and obviously isn’t getting in trouble since she hasn’t been taken back to jail just yet.

US Magazine shared that Teresa Giudice can leave if she has permission from the parole officer. If you consider that she is allowed to go to yoga, then it must not be very hard for Giudice to convince them to let her go places. Teresa is supposed to be able to leave the house for work obligations, doctor’s appointments, legal meetings, and certain family functions. Maybe going to yoga is considered a work obligation, since she needs to look great for her job. Regardless, it was allowed for her to go.

Teresa Giudice was also pictured out grocery shopping. Sources say that this outing was pre-approved by her parole officer. Her husband Joe isn’t allowed to drive, so the fact that Teresa is back home and can help out with some of these daily chores has to help him a lot. Teresa Giudice is also required to wear an ankle monitor at all times so that they can check in on her. This will be a way to make sure she only goes where she is allowed and that Teresa is getting all outings from the house approved.

A source close to Teresa Giudice says that she does plan to follow all the rules. Teresa actually only has to do this until February 5, 2016, so she only has about a month to go. After that, Teresa will not be on house arrest and will be free to go to the grocery store or yoga any time she wants without permission. A source shared how Teresa is handling it.

“Teresa doesn’t have cabin fever at all, because she has had a steady stream of visitors stopping by offering their well-wishes. It’s been keeping her busy and very happy. Teresa knows it will be different in two weeks, when the kids are back in school and less people are stopping by, but for now she’s been kept very busy inside her house.”

Right now, Teresa Giudice is enjoying life with her four daughters and husband Joe on the outside. The thing is that is all about to change, because in just a few short months, Joe Giudice will be headed to prison and Teresa will become the one on the outside that is taking care of their daughters on her own. Right now Teresa Giudice seems very happy with the way things are going now that she is at home once again.

Are you surprised that Teresa Giudice is allowed to go out and do so much while on house arrest? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Teresa on The Real Housewives of New Jersey when it returns to Bravo.

[Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images]