December 26, 2016
Becca Tilley Next 'Bachelorette,' Using Ben Higgins To Become ABC's Next Leading Lady?

Becca Tilley didn't take home the final rose on Chris Soules' season of the Bachelor and on Monday, she'll return for another shot at finding love with Ben Higgins. However, there is speculation that Becca has her sights set on becoming the next Bachelorette and is not interested in becoming Ben's wife.

The 26-year-old Chiropractic assistant from San Diego was Chris Soules' runner-up last season, although many fans thought that if she was ready to commit to living on a farm in Iowa, she would have been his final pick. The self-proclaimed virgin wasn't sure she could give up her life on the West Coast and didn't appear to be all that heartbroken when Chris eliminated her at the final rose ceremony.

Why did she decide to go through the process again? According to blogger Reality Steve, Ben Higgins told Becca not to come on the show, but she went ahead and got herself a spot in the cast anyway along with another girl from Chris' season, Amber James.

Although Becca tweeted before casting started that "Ben H is what most 26 yr old virgins named Becca are looking for," there is speculation that went against his wishes and went on the show so she would have a better shot at becoming the next Bachelorette.

Becca has a big fan following on social media, so there is no question that she would have her fans support if she was offered the role. Is it possible that producers would consider a "Virgin Bachelorette' storyline?

Bachelor Sean Lowe wasn't a virgin when he was cast for the lead back in 2013, but he revealed that he was a "Born Again Virgin." He decided not to have sex during the overnights dates and waited until his wedding night to get horizontal with his Catherine.

Sean was a very popular lead, so there's no doubt that ABC would get a ratings boost if they decided to cast a Bachelorette stayed a virgin until she marries the man of her dreams. Lots of frustrated suitors, but it would make for an interesting season.

Spoilers indicate that Becca does not make it to hometown on Ben's season. Girls who have been offered the Bachelorette gig in the past have made it to the overnight dates. Will this discount her chances or will she be a strong contender against the girls who did make it further?

If Reality Steve's spoilers are correct, Caila Quinn will take third place and Amanda Stanton will leave after hometown dates, making her the number four girl. The runner-up is rumored to be Texas business owner JoJo Fletcher, but being the second-to-last girl may rule her out as the next Bachelorette.

In past seasons, the runner-up doesn't have a shot at getting the gig because the new lead is announced on the After the Final Rose special. If JoJo ends up in second place, she will appear on the ATFR to confront Ben about being dumped at the rose ceremony. It would be difficult to convince fans that she was ready to find love with dozens of single guys minutes after she talks about her rose ceremony heartbreak.

That leaves Amanda, Caila, and possibly Becca up for the role of the 2016 Bachelorette.

According to WetPaint, Amanda Stanton is a single mother of two young daughters, but casting a single mom wouldn't be unusual — remember Emily Maynard from Season 8?

Caila Quinn, 23, is rumored to be this season's drama queen and Reality Steve thinks fans will either love her personality or dislike the drama she brings to the show.

Who will ABC choose as their next Bachelorette? Ben's season of The Bachelor doesn't end until mid-March, so there's plenty of time for producers to decide which girl from his season will bring in the ratings when the Bachelorette returns in May 2016.

Would you like to see Becca Tilley as the next Bachelorette or do you think one of the other ladies from Ben's season would be a better choice?

[Image via Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]