'The Originals' E.P. Julie Plec Teases The Fates Of Klaus And Cami

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Originals.

The Originals just closed out the first half of a highly successful Season 3, and one that has left fans hanging by a thread, which is more than can be said for Camille O'Connell (Leah Pipes). Thankfully, the mid season break won't be as long as some other shows and The Originals will be back before the end of the month. In the meantime, fans are left wondering if everyone will be returning and, if not, what that will do to the always volatile and mistrustful Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan).

The Originals Gives Fans Their Klaus And Cami Dream And Then Snatches It Away


The Originals has really been leading up to this the events of this episode from the beginning of Season 3 and even in Season 2, giving a very slow burn to the romance between Klaus and Cami. Meanwhile, loyal shippers of the couple have been anxiously awaiting that one scene that might make clear Klaus' feelings for Cami and vice versa. Taking a brief look into the mid season finale, the Klaus and Cami romance looks more like a Shakespearean tragedy.

There was much going on in the mid season finale, not the least of which was Rebekah (Claire Holt) returning from a watery grave. When she wasn't busy becoming a crazed ripper or having her arm carved up by sister Freya (Riley Voelkel), which may have been the goriest scene on The Originals yet, Rebekah took the time to give Klaus some advice. She told her brother that he shouldn't avoid love, nor should he keep Cami behind glass. Later, Klaus explained to Cami, who had overheard this brother - sister moment, that Rebekah meant that he was keeping her behind a glass wall, because he was afraid he might ruin her.

In spite of his insecurities, Klaus took the advice to heart and made the most romantic speech ever uttered on The Originals.

"Because you wished it," Klaus responds, when Cami asks why he saved the life of a stranger earlier that day. "Because what's important to you is important to me. What makes you happy makes me want to keep you so. What scares you I want to tear apart. I do not wish to watch you from behind glass, Camille."

Finally, this declaration of love was followed up by the kiss everyone has been anticipating for months. Klaus and Cami are officially an item. But wait!

Later, following a makeout session that led to a nap, Cami awakens in Klaus' arms, looking panicked and startled.

The episode cuts to Tristan and Aurora, who declares that it was "a beautiful day". The fact that this comes in the midst of a long awaited romance should warn fans that trouble is brewing.

Back to Klaus and Cami, the hybrid finally stirs from his slumber, feeling a strange wetness on his hand. Seeing that it's blood, he checks on Cami, only to find that her throat has been slit.

Is Cami Dead? Executive Producer Julie Plec Responds


The shock that Cami's apparent death produced in fans came with cries of frustration and confusion. Some fans are asking why the writers would take The Originals down this path to which Ms. Plec reveals that the scene was really more about Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) than Cami. The showrunner says it was all about showing just how jealous and unstable she can be, while also introducing her as the new big, bad villain.

What about Leah Pipes? Many fans want to know if she will be returning to The Originals as Cami and, while Plec has an answer for that, it's as ambiguous as it is potentially relieving.

"This isn't the last we've seen Leah Pipes grace the screen of this show. The question is what context we'll see her again and just how tragic that will be."
Whatever does become of Cami, Julie revealed that finding her throat slit, as he did, will send Klaus on a rampage. Vengeance will totally consume him and, when he does get his hands on Aurora, fans can expect a Klaus-appropriate response.

The Originals will return on Friday, January 29 on the CW network.

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