Horror Prequels, Sequels, And Remakes Galore: What’s Coming In 2016?

Horror prequels, sequels, and remakes are all coming to a multiplex and streaming box near you this year, and before 2016 gets too advanced, this is probably the best time to show you what’s in store.

Without further ado, here’s what the movie world knows thus far.

Unfriended 2

After the first one grossed $62 million worldwide on a budget of just $1 million per Box Office Mojo, you knew this one had to happen. The original followed a group of online chat room friends, who “find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend,” the IMDb synopsis reads. Expect more of the same.

Underworld 5

The first hit theaters in 2003. When you can keep any film series running for four films, a fifth is academic.

The Overlook Hotel

MovieWeb bills this as a “prequel to The Shining.” Not much else is known, but it’s supposed to be coming this year.

Sharknado 4

This will resolve the Sharknado 3 cliffhanger and keep going. Hold on to your life jacket.

Strangeland: Disciple

Dee Snider, front man of Twisted Sister, unleashed the brutal Strangeland on audiences in 1998. It’s 18 years later, and you’re about to find out what’s been going on in the world of Captain Howdy since then.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Considering the book and the movie are a lot different from one another, this one could go either way. It’s likely that the powers that be will play it safe, though, and go with something more akin to the 1997 slasher blockbuster.

2 Lava 2 Lantula

The original LavaLantula was a Police Academy reunion of sorts along with a fire-breathing spider that was about as ridiculous-looking as it sounds. That didn’t stop the Syfy schlock-fest from being a lot of fun, though. Watch for it in June of this year.

Annabelle 2

A sequel to a spinoff. The original Annabelle followed that creepy doll from James Wan’s horror hit The Conjuring. This will continue her story.


Yes, the rabid, man-eating St. Bernard from Stephen King’s imagination will get another crack at the feature film treatment. Not much is known beyond that at this time, but if you need a primer, check out the movie and the book that are already in circulation.

Ouija 2

You spend one weekend at the top of the box office, and you think you can go off and do a sequel. In the case of the Ouija team, that’s pretty smart business. The original grossed an impressive $103 million worldwide on a $5 million budget, so yes, get the franchise orders ready! Opens Oct. 21.

Cabin Fever

The reboot of Eli Roth’s horror hit will follow a group of college students, “who rent a cabin in the woods to do some partying, [and] begin to fall victim to a flesh-eating virus,” MovieWeb notes.

Amityville: The Awakening

Opening April 15, Amityville: The Awakening will focus on a single mom and her three children, who move into the murderous house.

Ring 3D

This third installment of the Ring franchise will attempt to freak you out by way of the third dimension. “The new film is being fashioned as more teen-centric than the first, and though the logline is being kept under wraps, the aim is to reinvent the franchise,” MovieWeb notes. (Oh boy.)

The Blob

No firm release date on this yet, though the 1988 remake played during the summer. Both that one and this one follow in the footsteps of the 1958 original, which starred Aneta Corsaut (Helen Crump on the Andy Griffith Show) and Steve McQueen (yes, that Steve McQueen).


This latest entry in the oft-retreaded Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise will focus on Leatherface’s teen years.

The Conjuring: The Enfield Poltergeist

This second entry in the horror hit that has already inspired a spinoff and a sequel to the spinoff (see Annabelle above) will get its own sequel and open in theaters everywhere on June 10.

The Purge 3

Opening July 1, The Purge 3 will focus on yet another 12 hours of mayhem as sanctioned each year by the New Founders of America. The Purge 1 and 2 grossed a collective $201.2 million in worldwide box office and cost a combined $12 million to make. Cash cow, anyone?


Billed as more of a “re-imagining” of the disturbing 2008 shocker, the story will center on two friends, who reunite to get vengeance on the family that tortured and abused them as children. You don’t have long to wait for this one as it opens on Jan. 22.

Which horror prequels, sequels, and remakes, are you most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via The Ring screen grab]