Dashaun Phillips Injury Video: Cowboys Fans Do The Wave While Phillips Lays Injured [Video]

The fact that Dashaun Phillips of the Washington Redskins laid injured on the field while Dallas Cowboys fans did the wave is gaining criticism. It was during the NFL game in Arlington, Texas, with the Redskins going up against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016, when Dashaun was injured. With Phillips helping to stop Darren McFadden -- running back of the Cowboys -- on a running play, Dashaun found himself the victim of an injury so horrific that it was not displayed in a replay on TV. However, YouTube videos like the below video titled "Cowboys Fans Do Wave As Redskins Player Is Carted Off With Serious Neck Injury" are going viral, due to the way some of the Cowboys fans reacted as Phillips, 35, laid injured on the field.

Ricky Jean Francois looked on as Phillips was carted off the field by first responders. Uploaded to YouTube on January 3, the description of the YouTube video calls out the insensitivity of the Cowboys fans to Dashaun's injury. Lots of comments are flowing into YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms calling the fact that fans would perform the fun wave motion as a man laid injured on the field tactless, no matter which team the man played for.
"A horrible display of class, or lack there of was displayed today in Arlington during the Cowboys-Redskins game. The fans continued to do the wave as Washington Redskins' CB Dashaun Phillips collided with Darren McFadden with a violent head-on collision, to where Phillips was left on the ground, motionless."
Instead of a joyous wave celebration, others took to prayer. Marcel Jensen #85 of the Washington Redskins, can be seen taking a knee as Phillips was tended to after Dashaun's injury.

pray hit
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The video tab of Twitter doesn't yet reflect videos of Dashaun's injury, but does feature videos of football fans calling the wave action classless for Cowboy fans to perform when a man laid on the field with injuries. At that point, it wasn't yet know how serious Phillips injuries were.

The most recently uploaded videos to YouTube tagged with Dashuan's name also do not yet reflect the actual play that caused Phillips' injury, but do reflect videos discussing how tactless it is for football fans to do the wave when a man could've been paralyzed.
Photos show Dashuan being carted off the field, as well as photos of Dallas fans doing the wave.

The bad helmet-to-helmet hit that Washington cornerback Dashaun took, as reported by Deadspin‎, was akin to the Kyshoen Jarrett play that left Jarrett in a state of evaluation for a concussion.

Some of the latest updates about Dashaun's condition show that Phillips was taken to the hospital with a neck injury, as reported by ESPN‎. But the fact that the Cowboys fans did the wave while a Redskins player was laying motionless on the field is gaining the most buzz online.
As reported by James Dator of SB Nation, the wave move during Dashaun's scary injury wasn't the best reaction to Phillips getting a hard hit.
"The wave is dumb at the best of times, but it's flat out gross when you bust it out while a player is lying motionless on the field following a serious head/neck injury. Washington defensive back Dashaun Phillips took a nasty hit attempting to make a tackle and while teammates and opponents alike took a knee the AT&T Stadium crowd decided to forgo being silent, and instead do the wave. Stop. Have some common sense."
Meanwhile, the Redskins Twitter page will likely provide more injury updates, as they've already done in the past.

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