‘Reality Steve’ Wrong About ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins’ Final Pick? Final Rose Spoilers Point To Must-See Season Finale

Blogger Reality Steve is confident that his Bachelor Season 20 spoilers will be correct, with no question that Ben Higgins will walk away from the final rose ceremony engaged. With just hours to go until the premiere airs on ABC, will Steve’s episode-by-episode spoilers and season finale prediction turn out to be right?

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss says this season will be the “most romantic” in the show’s history, so that is certainly a good indication that Ben, who finished in third place on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of the Bachelorette, will find love with one (or more) of the 28 girls cast to compete for love on ABC’s long-running reality show.

Romance aside, there is one big question this season among fans who enjoy spoilers: Is Steve’s prediction that Ben engaged to Lauren Bushnell correct, or will fans see him propose to one of the other girls in his final three — Caila Quinn and JoJo Fletcher.

Although there will be plenty of gossip about how the 20th season of the Bachelor will turn out, the odds that Steve will be victorious when the finale airs in March seem to be in his favor.

Read on for the scoop on why there’s a very good chance that Lauren Bushnell will be sporting a huge Neil Lane diamond ring on the After the Final Rose special.

If you’re keeping track, Steve has missed the mark on four seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Spoilers for Desiree Hartsock, Ali Fedotowsky, and both of Brad Womack’s season were were wrong. Technically, he had Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season spoiled incorrectly as well, stating that she would walk away with no one, but he changed his prediction when the now-famous Snapchat pic of Kaitlyn and Shawn in bed surfaced online.

However, the episode-by-episode spoilers for Ben Higgins’ season seem to be solid, with some of the dates also spoiled on social media by fans who snagged photos of Ben and his ladies filming the show.

The predicted winner, Lauren Bushnell, is pictured with Ben in several photos that were posted on Twitter, including a one-on-one date in L.A. early in the season, another date with Ben in his hometown of Warsaw, and on the couple’s hometown date in her home state of Oregon.

While it’s not unusual for the girls to have more than one one-on-one, Reality Steve explained months before the premiere that Ben had eyes for the Los Angeles-based flight attendant after just a few episodes were filmed.

“This season has essentially been over since about halfway through,” Steve explained. “Ben has been pretty clear about wanting Lauren in the end, so much so that it’s apparently become obvious to the rest of the group. They’ve all kinda seen the writing on the wall from what I hear.”

Does that mean Lauren is the winner? Fans won’t know for sure until the season ends in March, but she may be the one to watch this season.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Lauren and Ben have not been spotted out since filming wrapped in November. If they are engaged, it’s likely that producers are keeping their meet-ups as low-key as possible and there’s a good chance that they were told not to use Snapchat. After all, there are fans who don’t read spoilers and a Snap of Ben with his final pick would be disappointing to those who want the ending to be a complete surprise.

Do you think Reality Steve‘s final rose spoiler is correct? Watch the Bachelor starring Ben Higgins on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC starting with the season premiere on January 4, 2016.

[Image via Rick Rockwell/ABC]