Chris Brown Admits To Being Arrogant As He Releases New Video For ‘Royalty’

Chris Brown is a talented musician, there is no doubt about that — not in the minds of his fans and not in his own mind, either. Daily Mail reports that Brown recently sat down with Notion Magazine and talked about his future, being a father, and his career. Brown was somewhat humbled, admitting to the arrogance he had when he was younger.

“The mindset I was in when I was younger, it was full of arrogance like ‘Yeah I’m an a**hole like, so what f*** it, I got money.’ “

But he also talked about learning.

“The best part about it is me having to learn. I think I had a great time, like I didn’t have a great time at all, but it was a great lesson for me to learn. I thank God he had something bigger for me to do.”

Chris Brown is also frustrated with how he is portrayed in the media and spoke about it.

“People talk about me being in gangs and affiliated, but they don’t talk about the nice things I do like bring 5,000 sneakers to Crenshaw high school South-Central or Campanella park or different neighbourhoods that are in the inner cities. Nobody cares about it unless it’s glorified in the rap music. You don’t have to like me. And what I do is for my art. I’m only going to be passionate for what I want to do.”

Chris Brown also has a refreshing outlook on the meaning of fame.

“Fame isn’t acquired by the amount of people who like you. Fame is acquired by the amount of people’s lives you’ve changed. So at the end of the day I can’t say that my music is that deep right now, I can’t physically change the world. But I made a positive step you know?”

Chris Brown’s music has certainly been a positive step for him and his fans, particularly his new album, Royalty, which was named after his daughter. The album was released on December 18, 2015, and Billboard reports that Brown held an intimate listening party at Hyde Sunset in Los Angeles to welcome that release.

Those in attendance at the party included French Montana, Usher, and Big Boy from Real 92.3 Los Angeles. French Montana tweeted his excitement about the release.

A number of tracks off the new album were played, while Chris Brown mouthed along and put on a few dance moves. The album is a mix of singles that were previously released and new tracks that had not yet been heard.

Prior to the release of Royalty, Chris Brown released another video from the album. The video for “Anyway” has been released on Brown’s Vevo page and features Tayla Parx.

In his Notion interview, Chris Brown also talked about how much he loves being a father.

“I love being a father, you know, and at the same time, there were certain wrongs and certain rights that I did do. I might’ve hurt some people along the way.”

And who wouldn’t love being the father of Royalty Brown, the little cutie who Hollywood Life reports had her very first Christmas dance recital earlier this month. At 1-and-a-half-years-old, Royalty is already no stranger to the stage.

She has also been in one of her daddy’s videos, “Little More.”

It seems that Chris Brown may well be mellowing as he gets older, and especially as he enjoys fatherhood.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]