Kaley Cuoco Got Through The Holidays Just Fine, Leaning On Family And Instagram In First Christmas Post-Divorce

Kaley Cuoco recently split from ex-hubby Ryan Sweeting and this has been her first Christmas as a newly-single divorcee. Fox 411 reports that Cuoco has received a lot of support from her family and she posted a big thank you on Instagram.

In her caption, Kaley Cuoco gave a heart-felt thank you.

“Every year my family has an incredible get together that involves everyone from gran parents, grandkids, second and third cousins, babies, tons of food and Christmas carols.. There have been many precious lives lost over the years but even so, we still make this happen. Thank you @eugeniamarrone for keeping the tradition alive! Someone showed me this photo last night. My Grams is right there in the middle.. Through all the craziness, drama, gossip, tears, and life that has happened this last year, seeing these people who know me quite well, made me oh so very happy.”

SheKnows reports that the response to Kaley Cuoco’s family post has been incredibly positive. One fan agreed that family can ground a person.

“Yes family can ground you and make you happy…. forget the past and look to the future like your grand parents did so many years ago when they came to this great country, that they called America….”

Another was happy to read her authentic post, rather than something very Hollywood.

“Now this is HUNDRED times more better than any Hollywood cr*p! ALWAYS FAMILY FIRST enjoy your time with your love ones before there [sic] gone.”

Another fan wrote that it is important to take the time to celebrate with family.

“No matter how big/small or how often you can always take the chance to celebrate with family. Yours is a great tradition and family will always love you no matter the year has thrown at you.”

Entertainment Tonight reports that Kaley Cuoco has been posting like crazy on Instagram this holiday season. One of the posts was to wish her father a Happy Birthday.

She had warm wishes for her dad.

“Happy birthday to Norman’s favourite snuggle buddy! Love you dad!”

She even posted a pic showing her and her horse Zaza getting into the holiday spirit.

Then, there’s a photo of her new chandelier; apparently, she had been waiting for it for months.

“After waiting this entire last year, my new incredible chandelier has finally arrived just in time for the holidays and I had to share!”

Divorce certainly has not kept Kaley Cuoco down this past year. She has been spotted out at events, hosted the All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration, and is frequently seen going to and from yoga class looking better than ever. Entertainment Tonight reports that just a week after splitting up with Sweeting, she attended the Longines International Races Gala in Los Angeles and she was dressed to kill in a cute, black mini dress.

Perhaps fans can learn a lot about Kaley Cuoco from her hair styles. Celebuzz reports that Cuoco’s hair styles have changed a lot over the years. She has gone from frizzed to long to way-short (that one was a bit crazy). She has even gone pink, including her eyebrows!

At the end of the day, Kaley Cuoco is just a down-to-earth 30-year-old trying to get on with life after a divorce. She’s really not too different from any other woman starting over. Regardless of money and fame, the emotions are still the same and Kaley Cuoco has handled them, and herself, with nothing but class.

[Photo by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]